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Anti Gun Rally Attendance Numbers Questioned

If you are among those who still believe the Fake News Media, you may have heard that over 800,000 people attended the March For Our Lives rally in Washington, DC. However, an image taken by DigitalGlobe′s Worldview-2 satellite paints a different picture. Based on their crowd-size algorithm, the crowd is estimated to be closer to 200,000. A large crowd, indeed, but a far cry from what was reported.




Bad enough that we have college-aged snowflakes trying to tell us how to run the country. Now we have high school aged snowflakes interpreting the U.S. Constitution! Take David Hogg, for example, trying to explain away the Second Amendment. Meanwhile, he is upset that his First Amendment rights may be violated because the Broward County School Board wants all students to use clear plastic backpacks to ensure that nobody smuggles in any weapons into a school. Actually, David, its more like your Fourth Amendment rights being violated, not that you would know the difference!


Sure, Hogg and his comrades have been through a lot, traumatized by seeing some of their classmates gunned down. So are traumatized children mentally up to setting the standard of value for the nation? I think not! I suspect that if Hogg or his pals had to read some ′Manly′ literature, they would fold like a lawn chairs and run seeking a therapy peacock to settle their nerves. Books like ″Blood and Swash″ by Captain X or ″Dead-Eye Dick, Scourge of the Spanish Main″, would send Hogg and his friends into a total, snowflake meltdown!


I suppose I am unfairly imposing some White-Male privilege on these future citizens. In the 19th Century, young children read books like ″Treasure Island″, or pulps about Wyatt Earp and Billy the Kid. Movies like Walt Disney′s ″Snow White″ or even ″Bambi″ were thought to be too scary for youngsters. But, somehow, we managed to survive without mass shootings in schools despite the ample supply of firearms available. The National Rifle Association, NRA, is not creating violent computer and video games, nor are they churning out slasher horror films and abusive rap music from Hollywood. If you want to start blaming who is tampering with our national culture and the minds of children, try starting there.


If David Hogg and his comrades really want to stop bloodshed, how about joining the March For Life instead of the March for Our Lives. Seems rather selfish to be only concerned about the limited number of victims from a handful of psychopaths while millions of babies are butchered regularly for profit by a well-funded industry. I even have heard that Planned Parenthood, responsible for the deaths of some 500,000 babies per year, allegedly helped fund and organized the rally for Hogg and his friends. If true, I would call that hypocrisy of the highest order!


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