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Andrew McCabe Fired From FBI For Lack Of Candor

Late Friday evening, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that Andrew McCabe was fired from the FBI. The outgoing Deputy Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigations was to retire on Sunday. McCabe was looking forward to an estimated $1.9 million dollars in pension for his nearly 22 years in ′The Bureau′. But, all of that came to a crashing halt this past week. Due to findings from the Department of Justice Inspector General, Michael Horowitz, McCabe faced the Office of Professional Responsibility. The OPR recommended to Jeff sessions that McCabe should be fired immediately for multiple incidents of a ″lack of candor″ to DOJ investigators. While a ′lack of candor′ is not a criminal offense by itself, some of the incidents occurred while McCabe was under oath. That could be among several potential criminal indictments McCabe may be facing.




The ′lack of candor′ cited by the OPR involved McCabe authorizing that some classified material be leaked to the Wall Street Journal. This material had to do with the investigations into the Hillary Clinton email and Clinton Foundation probes. Some of these allegations may have been revealed in those infamous FBI text messages between Peter Strzok and his mistress, Lisa Page. Page worked under McCabe as his legal counsel, Strzok also worked under McCabe during the Hillary email probe.


But there are other storm clouds hovering over Andrew McCabe. Most notably his involvement in the request for a FISA surveillance warrant on former Trump campaign volunteer, Carter Page, no relation to Lisa Page. McCabe signed off on at least one of the renewals for the warrant, where the FISA court judge was allegedly misled about the nature and origin of the dossier compiled by Christopher Steele and Fusion GPS. The dossier made many allegations against then Candidate Donald Trump and his organization with respect to the Russian government and businesses. None of the allegations against Trump have been proven to be factual.


Some new text messages were made known yesterday between the two FBI lovers, indicating that Peter Strzok had a close relationship with Judge Rudolph Contreras, of the District Court for the District of Columbia. Contreras serves as a FISA court judge, whom judges are rotated, and may have approved the Carter Page surveillance warrant. Contreras also presided over the plea deal hearing for Michael Flynn, who plead guilty to the felony charge of lying to the FBI on December 1, 2017 in connection to the Trump-Russia probe by Robert Mueller. However, on December 7, 2017, Contreras was recused from the case. Judge Emmet Sullivan has taken over the Flynn case and is now reviewing it as we have learned that Peter Strzok and others in the FBI did not believe that Flynn deliberately lied to investigators. The whole case against Flynn may be tossed out.


The new text messages show that Lisa Page wanted to arrange a meeting with Contreras by using the guise of a cocktail party. As of yet, we do not know who exactly was to attend this ′party′ or why they need to meet with Contreras? Meanwhile, the firing of Andrew McCabe is sending shockwaves through The Beltway and Deep State. McCabe issued a statement last night criticizing the decision and blaming it on the Trump administration as part of their ″ongoing war″ against the FBI, the intelligence community and the Special Counsel Robert Mueller probe. McCabe, however, did not deny the allegations of having a ′lack of candor′.


There are rumors that McCabe has promised to take others down with him should he be indicted. This has to worry people like James Comey, Sally Yates, and many others, including John Brennan, James Clapper and even Barack Obama. If there was a conspiracy to frame Donald Trump and leak intelligence about him and others in his orbit, then the whole sorted mess may begin to unravel shortly. We also have on the horizon the DOJ Inspector General report on the Hillary Clinton email probe. The end result of that report could be the reopening of that can of worms.


This is a great day to be living in Trump′s America! ′The Swamp′ is now officially beginning to be drained! With Andrew McCabe fired, the possibility of he being the first of many dominoes to fall has increased. Do not expect things to happen too fast. There is a process to be negotiated and we have many years to go before justice prevails. But everything starts with a first moment, a first step. Last night was a first step towards cleaning our political system.


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