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America Heartland Wins

Superbowl LIV is in the can and the result is that the American Heartland wins!  The Kansas City Chiefs defeated the San Francisco 49ers by a score of 31 to 20.  The NFL 2020 season championship was all evened up at halftime, much like our American political system.  In the 3rd quarter, the 49ers pulled ahead by 10 points, blanking the Chiefs.  But, in the 4th quarter, the Chiefs returned the favor, shutting out the team from the capitol of Left-wing Loons.  Kansas City went on to score 3 touchdowns, adding 21 points and winning the game!  Could this be a sign of a parallel conclusion to this November's presidential election?


One could only hope so!  President Donald J. Trump has brought us quite far in his first 3 years.  America is more prosperous, more secure and more confident than ever before.  This is bad news to Democrats and their allies in the Fake News Media.  Some of them cannot contain their disdain for the American Heartland.  Over at CNN, host Don Lemon laughed hysterically over a bad joke bashing the 60-plus million Trump voters from 2016.  Can you image how bitter these Left-Wing Loons will be when Trump wins again in 2020?  Especially if it is an electoral landslide with Trump winning the popular vote, too!  

The stage is set for the big event.  Today, in Iowa, we have the first caucus of the campaign season.  While Trump is a shoe-in to win the GOP side of the race, there is a big battle brewing as the DNC starts to rewrite the rules against Bernie Sanders.  Here we go again!  Meanwhile, the Senate impeachment trial winds down, headed for the inevitable conclusion on Wednesday when President Trump is acquitted from the phony charges offered by the highly partisan House of Representatives.  There, too, the game had been rigged by Democrat leaders, holding secret hearings and withholding testimony from the American public.  Of the 18 witnesses interviewed by Adam Schiff's committee, we only have the transcripts of 17 of them.  Of the more than 28,700 documents they acquired, House Democrats have never released the testimony of the 18th witness, the Intelligence Community Inspector General, nor the original complaint filed by the so-called whistleblower.  In any real, legal trial pursuing genuine justice, the defendants lawyers would have had access to ALL of the testimony and documents, as well as cross-examining them.

But that never happened.  The impeachment vote in favor of impeachment was partisan.  No Republicans supported it.  In fact, a few Democrats did not go along with their leadership.  In contrast, when the House voted to begin impeachment hearings against Richard Nixon, the vote was 410 to 4.  Even in the Clinton impeachment, 31 Democrats went along with Republicans.  No such luck this time.  This was a strictly partisan affair.  Democrats and their pundits and allies often point to one highly slanted poll taken back in September as to a majority of Americans wanting Trump impeached.  But, as the hearings proceeded, the numbers changed.  The latest polls show support for Trump now on top.  Even a substantial number of Democrat voters favor Trump being acquitted.  

Democrats played mainly to their base in the Bi-Coastal Echo Chamber, reinforced by the highly biased Fake News Media.  Media coverage has been roughly 100% negative towards Trump.  Even on a good day, the Media is typically 95% against the President.  But in between the East and West coasts, the American Heartland knew better.  They support President Trump, his presidency, his policies, and his actions.  When it comes to the matter of our relationship with Ukraine, the subject of the House impeachment articles, even all of the House Democrat witnesses agree that Trump has been far better than Obama in helping Ukraine in their resistance to Russia.  That is why impeachment has failed.  The was no crime committed, no victim.  

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