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No, they are not Bonnie and Clyde.  Meet Mark and Patricia McCloskey of St. Louis.  They were enjoying a peaceful dinner in their lovely home when 300 or more protesters invaded their property.  The angry mob was part of a Black Lives Matter protest march which decided to trespass a gated community.  The mob opened, then tore down an iron gate and marched on the McCloskey mansion.  Mark McCloskey is a lawyer and no stranger to police abuse cases.  He is, in fact, representing a Black client suing police for abuse.  But that did not matter to the mob.  They threatened he and his wife, even the couple's dog, because mob leaders disliked anyone of 'privilege'.  Even privilege achieved by hard, honest work.  So, the after calls for help from police and private security failed, the McCloskeys armed themselves to protect their very lives.


As fast as the angry mob fled the scene, the Fake News Media, fueled by social media, Mark and Patricia McCloskey were depicted as White Supremacists.  Up until this incident, one might have said that they were Liberals.  But, this latest batch of extremist radicals are so 'Woke', old fashion Liberalism of the 1960s no longer qualifies.  If you are not in favor of the complete destruction of civilization, then you are a reactionary who must be stomped upon until submission.  The Fake News Media, along with Big Tech and social media, are backing the new extremist radicals.  I, myself, have been cyber-attacked with this website being suppressed by search engines and other methods of access.  Today is the first time in almost 2 weeks that I have been able to log-in and write anything.

This extremist radical position has overtaken whatever justifiable protests concerning the alleged murder of George Floyd.  Some would describe the situation as a hijacking.  Calls for justice and reform have devolved into calls to defund and or abolish police altogether.  Democrat administrations in dozens of cities across America are siding with the extremists.  Police in most major urban areas are being restricted in efforts to enforce laws. Protesters have taken over whole sections of some cities, in some cases even ambushing police as they respond to calls for help.  After a month of this, even some smaller towns have diminished police forces not responding to 9-1-1 calls.  

Crime rates, including violent crimes and murder rates, have increased the past month.  After the initial riots from the Floyd protests, which included looting, arson, assaults and murder, crime in general has been given a free hand to grow.  Meanwhile, the paid radicals whom have been leading rioters switched to attacking monuments and statues.  This is part of a long-term assault upon our history and culture.  Not just Confederate monuments are being vandalized and torn down, but even statues of those Americans who fought against slavery!  The mere fact that these historical figures are White is sin enough.  One BLM supporter, Shaun King, tweeted on Twitter about going after church statues and stain glass windows depicted a Caucasian Christ.  Just another sign of historic White Supremacy.  

But America is starting to fight back against such radical extremists.  The story of Mark and Patricia McCloskey in St. Louis is just one.  In New York City, a counter-protest stopped a mob from tearing down the statue of Teddy Roosevelt.  President Donald Trump has signed an executive order to stop attacks on federal monuments.  This followed from an attempt to tear down a statue of Andrew Jackson.  There is chatter about planned assaults on monuments this July 4th weekend.  Including rumors of an attack against the Mount Rushmore monument in South Dakota.  

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