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Al-Baghdadi Killed

The world's most wanted terrorist, ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, was killed Saturday night.  A force of US Rangers and Delta Force troopers flew to a stronghold in northwestern Syria from Iraq. The mission began about 5pm EDT, Eastern US time.  Our forces assaulted the ISIS compound, located about 3 miles south of Syria's border with Turkey with thunderclap surprise.  In true Bronze Age mentality, President Donald Trump described the death of Baghdadi as, "He died like a dog.  He died like a coward."  Trump went on to detail how Al-Baghdadi was, "crying..., screaming..., whimpering" as he fled into a tunnel with 3 of his children to use as human shields.  Baghdadi eventually blew himself, and his children, up with a suicide bomb vest as US Army canine troopers pursued him down the tunnel.  One dog was injured as a result, but the U.S. forces suffered no other casalties during the mission.

Baghdadi had a price on his head of $25 Million dollars.  He was a founding member of ISIS, or ISIL (as some call it), and in 2014, declared lands captured by ISIS as a caliphate.  Supported by selling oil on the black market, much of it to Turkey, ISIS expanded quickly, spreading to more than a dozen other countries worldwide.  The caliphate peaked in size and reach in 2016.  Then, President Trump was elected, and lifted restrictions placed upon our militaryby Obama.  The United States and her allies began turning the tide, defeating ISIS across Syria and Iraq.  Today, the caliphate is no more and most of its 30,000 fighters have either been killed or captured.

Reaction to the news a A-Baghdadi's death has been typical from Democrats and their allies in The Media.  The Washington Post described him as an "austere religoius scholar".  Not as a muderous rapist thug, Baghdadi's true nature.  The Media has apparently forgotten the thousands of people executed by ISIS.  The mission to take him down was named Operation Kayla Nueller, named after an American nurse who was raped and murdered by Al-Baghdadi.  Over at MSNBC, they hardly paid any attention to the triumph by our military and the Trump administration.  MSNBC, along with CNN, are still fixated with the fake news of phony Ukraine quid pro quo.

But, I am happy that we have brought Al-Baghdadi to justice.  That he is now part of life's other side and hopefully burning in Hell.  Our troops spent some 2 hours on the ground, gathering intelligence.  Another high-ranking ISIS official was killed in another raid.  Hopefully, we can expectmore of these jerks being brought to justice in the nearr future.  President Donald Trump campaigned on fighting against radical Islamic terrorism.  This weekend, we have more evidence that he was serious and is delivering on his promises!

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