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40,000 Protest Free Speech In Boston

On Saturday, some 40,000 people took to the streets to protest against free speech in Boston. A Conservative group, not affiliated with any ′Hate′ group like The Klan, etc, held a rally at the Boston Commons to defend our First Amendment, as well as our national heritage. About 100 people showed up to support the Freedom of Speech. The rest of the 40,000 showed up to protest against them. Far-Left hate groups like Antifa and the Workers World Party scuffled with the Boston police, shouting abusive, hate language at them and throwing bricks, bottles, urine and feces at police officers. Some 33 protesters were arrested. About 500 police were at hand to maintain peace and order during the rally and protests.




The Free Speech rally was to last two hours, between Noon and 2pm Eastern. But the rally was suspended after only one hour, presumably due to the circumstances. Police escorted the rally goers out of harms way as protesters ridiculed them. This disturbing scene comes after a week of heighten tensions due to efforts by many subversive groups to attack our nation′s history.


The previous Saturday, racist agitators from both Pro-White and Anti-White groups fought in the streets of Charlottesville, Virginia, resulting in one death and about three dozen injured. AntiFa, Black Lives Matter and other extremists fought against members of the Klu Klux Klan, and various groups of Neo-Nazis and White Supremacists. President Donald Trump condemned the ″hatred, bigotry and violence″ in ″the strongest of possible terms″, several times over several days. The focal point of the Charlottesville violence was a statue of Robert E. Lee, which was removed from a public park this past Friday.


In the days that followed, other statues and memorials were removed or vandalized across the country. In Durham, North Carolina, a statue representing an average Confederate soldier was pulled down from its pedestal in front of the county court house. Durham police later arrested Taqiyah Thompson, a 22-year old student of NC Central University for allegedly being the one who attached a cargo strap on to the statue to pull it down. She is a member of the Workers World Party and supports the tyrannical regime in North Korea, demonstrating on their behalf a number of times in public.


If you watch the Fake News Media, we are suppose to believe that only the Neo-Nazis, KKK and White Supremacists are the bad guys. That these other hate mongers who attack police officers and praise dictators who starve their populations are ′Normal Americans′. Of course, this is a lie! As I have pointed out in previous articles, most of the street battles in Berlin back during the chaotic days of the Weimar Republic were between groups of International Socialists, a.k.a. Communists, and National Socialists, a.k.a. Nazis. This was not a fight between ′Far Left′ and ′Far Right′, but between two factions of the ′Far Left′. Both wanted more government, they just had different ideas on how and why. Someone who is truly ′Far Right′ believes in having less government than we have currently, not more.


The Supreme Court has ruled in the past that the First Amendment, the Freedom of Speech, does protect the right to what some would call ′Hate Speech′. The courts do draw a distinct line between speech which some may find offensive, and with speech which specifically is meant to cause violence and harm. Speech that may incite violence and or harm is illegal and is not protected under the First Amendment of our Bill of Rights. But, under our Constitution, speech that may be about demographic statistics or preserving historical objects is allowed for under our laws.


The 40,000 people who protested the free speech rally in Boston are very much misguided in their intentions. While nearly all of them marched and demonstrated peacefully, they still acted like a mob, thinking they can stop Fascism by being Fascists themselves. That is NOT the way it works, folks! We have seen this develop over the years on college campuses as ′Political Correctness′, a form of ′Soft-Fascism′. Today, this same bunch is now acting more in line with ′Hard-Fascism′. By ignoring history they are repeating it. There is a reason why they are ignoring history. If they actually studied it, they would find that the Democratic Party was the political party which supported slavery and even eugenics to liquidate non-White races. Hillary Clinton favorite hero, Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, actually spoke to a KKK women′s group on this very subject. Now we see the ′pay-off′ in Oregon, which is considering legal, government-paid abortions on demand even for women who are 9-months pregnant. Sad!


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