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3D Printers vs Coronavirus

3D printers are quickly becoming the hero machines in the fight against the Coronavirus.  Not only are they being employed to make masks, face shields and even swabs for testing, but 3D printers are now producing ventilators.  Several companies and individual inventors and engineers are accomplishing this in nations like the United States, UK, Germany and Poland.  Known as 'Open Source Ventilators', these are simplified devices, often referred to as, "ventilators of last resort".  They may not have fancy LCD displays and other trimmings, but they are capable of keeping victims of COVID-19 alive.  Being open source designs, anybody with a 3D printer can download the data from the Internet and produce working models.


Ah, the miracle of human ingenuity!  Meeting a need when it is needed most!  As we enter a time frame where the COVID-19 virus is about to peak in its deadly ways, 3D printers offer us a means to fill the gaps.  Offering potential hope to many whom otherwise might have died a horrible death.  

I should point out that statistics show that those afflicted with the Coronavirus whom are forced to survive with the aid of a ventilators typically have a survival rate of about 40% at best.  This number could improve significantly as more treatment methods are utilized.  Two are offering hope.  Plasma therapy involves using blood plasma donated from a COVID-19 survivor.  Once a person recovers and 14 days have passed, he or she can contribute about 500 milliliters of blood, loaded with antibodies which have proved successful in defeating the Coronavirus.  The plasma can then be given to 3 suffering patients.  This method of treatment is over a century old.  It has been used successfully in combating the Spanish Flu, polio and other diseases.

The second method of treatment which is showing great potential involves the malaria drug hydroxychloroquine.  Two 200mg doses are given daily, along with 5 doses of 220mg of zinc sulfate and 5 200mg doses of Zpack antibiotics  daily for 5 days.  As of last Friday, one doctor in New York State has successfully treated some 200 COVID-19 patients using this method.  Worldwide, over 1,000 have succeeded in surviving the Coronavirus.  Hydroxychloroquine is also used for treating rheumatoid arthritis and lupus.  There are signs that those in malaria ridden regions, where hydroxychloroquine is commonly used, have lower rates of COVID-19 infection.  Also low rates of infection with those lupus patients using the drug.  

As we enter a time when the Coronavirus is expected to cause a peak number of deaths in America, a combination of treatments and technical ingenuity are about to make an impact.  Along with the White House guidelines of social distancing and hygiene, there are signs that the worst may not be as bad as some computer models predicted.  As of last Thursday, models predicted a potential U.S. death toll of between 100,000 to 240,000 showed the number down to just 93,000.  Everyday adds more data, driving the number further down.  If we are turning a corner in New York State, the hardest hit area to date, the more dire predictions may continue to decline.  

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