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New Al Gore Movies Bombs At Box Office

The new Al Gore movie, ″An Inconvenient Sequel″, has flopped at the box office. It finished in 15th place, earning barely a million dollars. While some are blaming critics and even the film studio for a lack of advertising, the real culprit is ′The Truth′ about Global Warming. Man-made climate change simply is not happening. Global temperatures are not increasing, nor are sea levels rising. If anything, both are declining! Much like public opinion on the whole warming issue. Polls have shown a steady drop in belief in the ′warmist′ theories, as well as its importance as a national, political issue.




Yet, the warming alarmists like Al Gore keep beating their dead horse for all its worth. Which is not much these days as the box office reaction has proved. I suppose that maybe the fools at the Nobel Prize group might still give Gore another award. They gave Barack Obama one for not doing anything! So nothing would surprise me from that bunch of Elitist swines.


A recent story about how Al Gore, personally, has a ′carbon footprint′ some 36 times larger than the ′average American′ does not make his position any better. Some argue that this is not hypocrisy as Gore and other warmists are not targeting ′ordinary′ citizens to change their life styles, but target government and corporations instead to act more responsibly. Of course, the eventual outcome of imposing new, stricter regulations on power generation or automobile emissions ends up costing consumers more money.


I was greatly amused by the latest edition of ″Sharknado 5″ from the SyFy Channel. The first ″Sharknado″ movie blamed the freaky weather on global warming. But, since the whole man-made climate change issue has been shown to be a massive hoax, the new blame in ″Sharknado 5″ has been shifted to some ancient artifacts which caused periodic storms, loaded with sharks. That the freaky weather has happened before, thousands of years ago, long before the gasoline engine and ′dirty coal′ power generation. Even the writers of this schlock series have come to realize that man-made global warming is too false to get away with as a plot device.


Hopefully, the box office disaster of the new Al Gore movie, ″An Inconvenient Sequel″, will be the nail in the coffin for the whole climate change nonsense. Especially now that President Donald Trump will redirect the EPA to focus on pollution more than phoney global warming theories. Next, we need to see funding cut in schools which teach this crap to the children of America. It may take another generation or two, but the handwriting is on the wall for rational thinking to prevail.


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