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Mexico To Stop Migrant Caravan

by Andrew Zarowny, 10/19/2018


The Mexican government has sent an additional 500 policemen to secure their southern border to stop a migrant caravan of 4,000 from Honduras. During an interview on TV, the Mexico′s ambassador to the United States acknowledged that there is evidence alleging that there is money behind this caravan and that it was organized for political purposes. Aside from the cost of providing food, water and other services to the migrant caravan, a San Diego based group allegedly funded largely by the George Soros organization, Open Society, will be paying Mexican drug smugglers and human traffickers, also known as ′coyotes′, some $5,000 per migrant to get the caravan to the U.S. border. The purpose of which is to influence the 2018 midterm elections by painting the Republican Party and the Trump administration in a bad light.\




President Donald Trump has already warned the governments of Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala that the United States will cut off foreign aid to them unless they stop the flow of illegal immigrants to America. He has also informed Mexico that he is prepared to close down the border and deploy our military to secure it. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has flown to Mexico City to discuss the situation with Mexican government officials.


This current caravan of 4,000 people from Honduras is costing illegal immigration supporters easily some $40 million dollars or more. Had they just given the migrants $5,000 or more in cash up front, those people could have started businesses in their own country, thus improving their lives without the dangerous trip north. There are already reports of migrants getting sick, of being raped or abused as they make this perilous journey.


With the midterm elections drawing near, President Trump is campaigning hard to help the Republican Party add strength to their numbers in the Senate and maintain control of the House. Only then can Congress finally pass immigration reform laws needed to secure our borders and end illegal crossings. The Democrat Party is determined to keeping our borders porous to allow illegal immigrants, as well as illicit drugs, to enter the United States.


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