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Laura Ingraham 1, David Hogg 0

The news this morning is of a stunning upset! No, I′m not talking about Villanova beating Michigan in the March Madness NCAA basketball finals. I′m talking about Fox News backing host Laura Ingraham despite the boycott campaign launched by David Hogg. Or, as Rush Limbaugh would call him, ″Camera Hog″! The Parkland high school student activist has failed to run Ingraham off the air. Once more the adults are in control, leaving snotty, bratty teenagers in their dust!




21st Century Fox, which owns the Fox News Channel, announced that it stands behind Laura Ingraham, host of the wildly popular cable TV show, ″The Ingraham Angle″. The fur started flying last week when Ingraham reported that 4 colleges have allegedly rejected David Hogg as a potential student. No kidding! Who in their right mind would want this attention-seeking, trouble-maker around? If Hogg thinks this is bad news, wait till he starts looking for a job!


Ingraham later apologized on social media for some of her comments about the teenage upstart. But Hogg apparently rejected the apology as he turned to the folks at Media Matters for a list of advertisers and started a boycott campaign. A number of spineless corporations decided to cave in to the tiresome teen. Ingraham left the airwaves for a vacation which is said to have been well before the brouhaha. Since began to resemble a similar situation a year ago when Bill O′Reilly started a well-timed vacation amidst allegations of sexual improprieties. O′Reilly never returned as his show, ″The O′Reilly Factor″ was canceled when a boycott of advertisers, started by Far Left groups, won the field.


David Hogg has become a media darling following the Parkland high school shooting. He quickly became the face and lead spokes-boy for the latest wave of anti-gun, anti-NRA crusaders. But, as science proves, shooting stars always fall and become just a cold chunk of rock. Hogg recently admitted that he was not even at the school when the shooting took place. Kind of hard to feign being traumatized when you weren′t near any real danger. Hogg is becoming as silly as Hillary Clinton dodging mythical sniper fire on Bosnian tarmacs.


Hogg′s latest stumble is thinking that his 1st Amendment rights are being violated as the Broward County school system now requires students to carry their books and stuff in clear-plastic backpacks. Actually, it is more likely a 4th Amendment right for privacy, which, the courts have already ruled do not apply in schools for students. School officials may inspect your belongings, your lockers, backpacks, anytime they please. But, of course, David Hogg has probably never read the U.S. Constitution, nor is aware of previous court cases on the Bill of Rights.


This dust-up is yet another example of larger forces in the Far Left using an idiot for their purposes. David Hogg is just a stooge but is so deluded in his own self-importance that he hasn′t figured it out yet. He also hasn′t realized that his public ′stardom′ will follow him around for the rest of his life. No college or employer is going to want him around unless he knuckles under and adopts a low profile. He can always become a professional protester/activist, but that career is only going to take him so far and end in obscurity and disappointment. If I were a betting man, I′d give you good odds that his eventual demise a decade or two from now will come in the form of either a drug overdose or a sex scandal. My advice to David Hogg is to drift back into obscurity and focus on being a teenager again instead of a public figure.


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