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Horowitz, Wray Testify Before Congress

DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz and FBI Director Christopher Wray testified yesterday before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Today, they will testify before a joint session of 3 House committees, Oversight, Judiciary and Intelligence. With 72 Congressmen and women each making opening statements, it will be about 2 hours before Horowitz and Wray get to speak, making for a mighty long day. We did learn some things yesterday. First, Horowitz does not believe in either the Tooth Fairy nor the Easter Bunny. Senator John Kennedy (R-LA), asked him that question. Kennedy then went on to compare the disbelief that key FBI agents did not influence the Hillary Clinton email investigation with their political bias. We also learned that there is indeed a probe into James Comey leaking classified material.




This should come at no surprise. Comey, himself, admitted to turning over his memos of private conversations with President Donald Trump to an aquaintance, who then leaked the information to the news media. We also know that Comey took copies of the memos home with him, against FBI policies, and also was using a private G-mail account. Extracts from FBI computer servers show no classified material transmitted on this unsecure account, but we do not know if he had done so while using a different computer from home or elsewhere.


There is growing evidence that the FBI and DOJ cannot investigate themselves. The behavior and stonewalling by these agencies in preventing Congress from having access to requested files proves this. Some suggest that Congress should give the U.S. Marshal agency the authorization to investigate both powerful, federal, law enforcement entities.


In other news, FBI agent Peter Strzok is now willing to testify before Congress without any conditions or immunity. House committees issued a subpoena for him yesterday. I′m sure the Senate will want their pound of flesh, too.


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