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Happy Friday! I′ve had enough of politics for one week, so allow me to have some fun and tell you about a weird dream I recently had. Sometimes I think I am going crazy! The other night, I woke up from a bizarre dream. I was the sidekick to actor Michael Dorn in a Bravo Reality TV show called "Worf & I". Dorn is somewhat depressed that he is no longer playing Worf on " Star Trek". He still likes to dress up in full make up everyday as the famous Klingon warrior. Each episode of the show follows Dorn and I as we have rather mundane adventures.



In my dream, the adventure is helping an old lady in her 80s getting a new refrigerator. Worf picks me up in his Worf-mobile, a Dodge panel van. It's sides sport beautiful murals. The right side has a D7 class Klingon battle cruiser against a star field. On the driver side, there is a portrait of Khaless the Great and a large emblem of the Klingon Empire.

Our first stop is breakfast at a small diner. Dorn goes for the steak and eggs while I have a cheddar-bacon omelet. Oddly enough, none of the other customers notice Dorn in his Klingon make up and attire. Our next stop is a Lowes where a charity org has arranged the new fridge for the little old lady. At the store, people take notice and seek selfies and autographs from Dorn, which pleases him.

With the new fridge stowed away in the Worf-mobile, we drive to the home of the little old lady. She is very happy to see us. After a brief tour of her cozy house, we get down to the task at hand. The old fridge is emptied and removed. We place it in the van after taking out the new fridge.  With the new fridge in place, we help reload the food. For our efforts, we are rewarded with some Pepperidge Farms Milano cookies.

Our next stop, probably after a commercial break, is a junk yard which strips old appliances of any reusable or toxic parts. Dorn is hoping to destroy something, so he is provided with an old fridge which has already been stripped. Dorn brings out his Bat'leth from his van. He starts bashing away at the fridge, shredding it into several pieces.

Now, it's Miller time! Satisfied with our mission of the day completed, we stop at a sports bar. Customers are watching a curling game on TV as we enter. They take note of Dorn and we have another round of selfies and autograph seekers. The bartender invents a Star Trek themed cocktail in honor of Dorn. The Kobiyashi Maru. Two cherries are muddled with brown sugar. A half ounce of 150 proof moonshine along with one ounce of saki are added. The drink is topped with Cherry Coke and garnished with an orange slice.

Dorn and I slam down several and get totally hammered. He starts beating his chest shouting, "I am Worf, son of Mogh!" At some point, we get tossed out. About this time, I wake up. Weird, huh? Oh well, this is better than writing about Joy Behar!


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