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Vladimir Putin to Megyn Kelly, 'Your Lives Must Be Boring.'

So Megyn Kelly launched her new show on NBC last night, ″Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly″. Her ′BIG′ interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin wound up being a great public relations boon for him. Putin completely rolled Kelly, a mediocre ′journalist′ at best. The segment begins with some journalism forum held in St. Petersburg, where she quizzed Putin on stage before a crowd. Putin denied any interference in the 2016 elections in the United States. He said that the idea is just, ″Nuts″.




During the one-on-one interview, Vladimir Putin continued to dominate Megyn Kelly. He answered the charges that there were no meetings which he was aware of. Putin argued that he does not have the time to talk with every Russian ambassador. They report to the Foreign Minister. Putin also argues that Russia is well aware of how America operates and that it did not matter who won the election in their position. When Kelly raised the matter of all of the probes investigating Russian interference, Putin told her that these are based on ″creative″ fabrications. That the media′s fixation on the subject shows, ″Your lives must be boring.″


So Putin thinks that the whole Russia-Trump collusion story is just ″nonsense″. He went on to say that it is possible that U.S. hackers interfered with the 2016 elections and did so to make it look like the Russians did it. Putin raised the conspiracy theory about how U.S. intelligence agencies were behind the Kennedy assassination. He said that what happened in 2016 is far easier to do than that.


On the Michael Flynn story, Vladimir Putin dismissed that one, as well. Putin claims that he attended the RT luncheon and gave a speech at it. Then, he sat at a table for a short while, having a conversation with another person. Only after Putin left was he told that Flynn was sitting at the table as well and who he was. One more point that Vladimir Putin made to Megyn Kelly during her interview with him was that when it comes to interfering in foreign elections, the United States does plenty of that, themselves. The interview was a PR coup for Putin and Kelly came off with egg on her face. I doubt if she will earn her $20 Million dollar a year paycheck at NBC News, especially when the ratings come in.


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