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UK Terror Threat Level Raised to Critical

On orders by Prime Minister Theresa May, the UK has raised its terror threat level to ′Critical′, meaning that there is a possibility of an ′Imminent Attack′. The decision was made after a May met with her emergency cabinet, also known as COBRA. This follows the latest news concerning the police investigation into the Manchester Civic Arena bombing. Police have identified the terrorist-bomber as Salman Abedi, a 22 year old native of the UK, born from refugee parents from Libya. Police have taken into custody his older brother along with several others. The picture is shaping up that Abedi may have had assistance in carrying out his attack on the Ariana Grande concert Monday night. He may also have had direct contact with ISIS.




The increase in the terror threat level to Critical authorizes additional security to be deployed. Some 3,800 British Army troops will take to the streets along with more police. Altogether, this adds up to some 5,000 extra, armed security personnel actively patrolling. UK authorities have learned that Salman Abedi just returned from a 3 week trip to Libya just days before exploding a bomb at the Manchester Arena, which killed 22 people, 12 of whom were teenagers and children, and wounding over 60 people. Forensic evidence indicates that the bomb was rather sophisticated in design. Abedi was either given the device or personally trained to build it by somebody.


MI5 now admits that they have had Abedi on their radar, but had not enough evidence to do any surveillance. French intelligence sources report that Abedi may have visited an ISIS camp in Syria, including during his trip to Libya. Or, that he may have met with some Syrians associated with ISIS while in Libya. Local neighbors of Abedi in the Manchester area report that he had been acting strangely recently, often chanting and shouting in the street. Also, that over the past six months, he has had many visitors, some staying with him and his brother for protracted periods of time.


So, it seems very likely that Salman Abedi was part of a larger network, possibly affiliated with the Islamic State, or ISIS. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the Manchester Arena bombing attack, and also claims that Abedi was a ″soldier of the Caliphate″. The notion that he was some ′Lone Wolf′ has been discarded, resulting in the UK terror threat level to be raised to Critical. As it is, the term ″Lone Wolf″ does not truly apply to radical, Islamic terrorists. Ted Kaczynski, the Una-Bomber, was a genuine Lone Wolf. The guy lived alone in a shack on the side of a mountain, for crying out loud! He was a one-man army. But, in the Era of the Internet, ISIS and Al Qaeda have a large, cyber footprint established to recruit and train terrorists. So the idea of people like Abedi being a Lone Wolf is ridiculous.


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