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Trump Orders Probe into UK Intel Leak

British Prime Minister Theresa May was not happy that UK intelligence on the Manchester bombing shared with American intelligence agencies wound up in the New York Times. Including some rather graphic photographs. President Donald Trump is responding to Theresa May by ordering the Justice Department to have the FBI investigate the source of those leaks. This could be a problem considering the latest story from reporters John Solomon and Sara Carter. Based on recently declassified documents from the office of the Director of National Intelligence, the FBI was a source for leaking ″raw intelligence about Americans to unauthorized third parties.″ The document declassified from the FISA Court includes 10 pages listing hundreds of violations of privacy protection rules by the FBI.



Back on May 3, former FBI Director James Comey testified before Congress that the FBI was not leaking any intelligence on American citizens obtained in counter-espionage surveillance operations. But the FISA Court documents come from April 26, 2017, which had been reviewing the wholesale spying and unmasking of American citizens by the Barack Obama administration. I wrote about the news story yesterday on this matter.


Perhaps this is among the actual reasons why President Donald Trump decided that it was time to fire James Comey? Somebody wold have had to tell Comey about the FISA Court rebuking of the Obama administration for using the NSA the way they did, as well as this other tidbit about the FBI leaking such intelligence to unauthorized third parties. Probably before Comey went to Capitol Hill on May 3rd! As the story reveals, there was even a report by the Justice Department′s Inspector General published in 2015 covering FBI leaking which happened back in 2012! Surely, James Comey must have been aware that there were issues of the FBI leaking intelligence and other violations of Section 702 of the FISA law.


The leaked intelligence to the New York Times on the Manchester bombing may have interfered with the UK efforts to round up members of a possible terrorist network. Especially since there is apparently some indicators that another attack is imminent. Our own Department of Homeland Security has issued a similar high-threat warning on Las Vegas, Nevada as being a potential target for a terrorist attack this very weekend. Whether or not there is a connection with the events in Manchester is unclear, but obviously something is cooking.


Neither President Donald Trump nor Prime Minister Theresa May are happy with all of this intelligence leaking. There has been considerable leaking going on over here ever since Trump was elected, presumably by former Barack Obama appointees and staffers still serving in our intelligence agencies, or still holding security clearances. These leakers have been leaking all sorts of intelligence to the news media as part of an organized effort to undermine the Trump administration. Of late, it seems that with the help of the leaks, The Media has become more of a threat to our national security than Russia, ISIS or Al Qaeda. The big question now is, can we trust the FBI to police itself?


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