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Trump Hits Home Run on 1st Trip Overseas

President Donald J. Trump has returned home to the White House after a 9-day, 5-nation trip overseas. The multinational visits, including attending the G7 meeting in Sicily, were very successful. President Trump described the trip as a ″home run″ while addressing our troops stationed in Sicily. Hundreds of billions of dollars worth of trade deals were arranged, which will created plenty of jobs, Jobs, JOBS! He also lowered the boom on those NATO partners whom are not holding up their end of our mutual defense. But, more importantly, President Trump has mended relationships with our allies, especially in the Middle East, who were not happy about Barack Obama appeasing Iran in the nuclear weapon deal.




If you watched the nightly news, you would hardly have known that President Trump went anywhere. The entire Fake News Media is still fixated on the so-called ′Russia investigation″. Practically every headline this morning deals with alleged chaos and personnel shake-ups with the White House. The Media are claiming that the source of some of the leaks are coming from disgruntled staff in the West Wing. However, two stories this week still show that some of the worst of the leaks came from either the CIA or the FBI.


Somebody from the ′Intelligence Community′ leaked classified information about the Manchester Arena bombing to the New York Times. We also had the story from reporters John Solomon and Sara Carter based on recently declassified documents from the FISA Court on how the FBI has been sharing unmasked names of Americans mentioned in NSA surveillance reports to ″unauthorized third parties″. Something that former FBI Director James Comey either failed to mention or misled the Congress about during his last appearances before committee hearings.


The liars in the Fake News Media refuse to say anything good about President Donald Trump, even his successes during his first, overseas trip. Even the Fox News Channel got in on the act, as the flaky blonde, Katharine ′Kat′ Timpf did a ′Kat on the Street′ segment asking folks about a photo of President Trump at a ′glowing orb′ ceremony in Saudi Arabia. This was clearly an engineered hit-piece to cause a negative reaction. Much like the Fake News stories from the rest of The Media.


Irregardless of the endless stream of Fake News, President Donald Trump hit a home run during his first overseas trip. In fact, he hit several home runs, a couple of which were Grand Slams! Unlike Barack Obama, President Trump did not apologize for America to the world, but reassured it that we are a force for good. That America is a God loving nation which allows everyone to worship the God of their choosing. I have taken note of how President Trump has been invoking God very often ever since his election. I find this very refreshing and wonderful after years of faith being trashed by Academics and Popular Culture.


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