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Rep. Steve Scalise Shot by Gunman at Alexandria Ballpark

The GOP House Majority Whip, Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA), was shot, along with a Congressional aide and two Capitol Hill police officers during a shooting rampage at a baseball park in Alexandria, Virginia this morning. At about 7:15 am Eastern, a gunman armed with multiple firearms, began shooting at a group of Republican lawmakers and staff whom were holding a baseball practice. The next baseball diamond over was a similar group of Democratic Party Congress members and staffers, as part of a bipartisan, joint ball game held each year to be played tomorrow. The gunman targeted Republicans and fired some 50 to 100 rounds during the 10-minute attack. Additional police arrived quickly and the gunman was shot. Some reports say he was killed.





The Congressional baseball game has been a tradition since 1909. About 20 or more people were assembled at the Republican side of the park. Fox News spoke with Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) who said he was approached by a man as he was leaving the field. The man asked him if it were Republicans or Democrats at the field. Some 3 minutes later, the gunman began shooting from the dugout, then advanced towards home plate as he fired. Two Capitol Hill police officers were providing security and returned fire. Both officers were wounded. Scalice was shot in the hip and a Congressional aide was shot in the leg. Rep. Roger Williams (R-TX) was also taken off the field on a stretcher to an ambulance, however it is unknown if he had been shot as well.


At this time, nothing is known about the shooter or his motives. However, it appears that he was targeting Republicans members of Congress. The annual, Congressional baseball game was scheduled to be played on June 15 at the Washington Nationals′ park and advance notice had been public for some time. It is highly likely that it was publicly known that both the Republicans and Democrats would be practicing this morning at the park in Alexandria, VA.


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