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President Trump Commissions USS Gerald R. Ford, CVN-78

President Donald J. Trump was on hand at the commissioning of the US Navy′s newest super aircraft carrier, CVN-78, the USS Gerald R. Ford. After 8 years of work, the ship is ready to become an active part of our national defense. The nuclear-powered warship can carry more than 75 jet fighter-bombers and will not require refueling for some 25 years. With a crew of about 2,600 sailors and officers, CVN-78 is equipped with many new technologies, including the ELAMS, an Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System, which replaces the older steam-powered catapults which launch planes from the carrier′s deck.




Named after our 38th President, the USS Gerald R. Ford cost some $12.9 Billion dollars and is the largest aircraft carrier built. However, as the vessel has a life expectancy of some 50 years, the Navy estimates that the ship will actually save taxpayers some $50 Million dollars per year during its operations. Especially given the cost of maintaining older carriers, the Ford may wind up being a real bargain. Another cost-saving aspect of this new ship is that it requires some 600 fewer crewmen to operate it due to increased automation.


Much of the high cost is due to the latest technological innovations. In addition of the ELAMS, the Ford carries an advanced radar system, the AN/SPY-3, as well as high-tech armor, a new arresting gear system and various upgraded weapon systems. The ELAMS will allow the Ford to fly some 25% more combat sorties per day. Experts predict that the Ford will be able operate as much as 30% more often than the older Nimitz class aircraft carriers. The ship will also be able to operate the newest lines of various UAV, unmanned aircraft, both combat capable and reconnaissance drones.


President Donald Trump will attend and speak at today′s commissioning of the USS Gerald R. Ford in Norfolk, Virginia. The warship has already been at sea undergoing builder′s trials since April. After a brief stay at Naval Station Norfolk, the ship took to sea again for an acceptance trial, which was satisfactory. Newport News officially turned the ship over to the US Navy on May 31. While the Ford will be commissioned today, the aircraft carrier will not be deployed for any operational cruises until sometime in 2021, at which time, the USS Gerald R. Ford will help Make America Safe Again!


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