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North Korea Threatens Guam, Trump Vows Fire And Fury

Things seem to be heating up on the Korean Peninsula. As North Korea threatens Guam, a U.S. controlled island some 2,100 miles away from Pongyang, President Donald J. Trump promises, ″fire and fury″ in response to any aggression by Kim Jong Un. Last week, after the last NoKo missile test proved our intelligence agencies to be wrong, American got the U.N. Security Council to vote 15-0 to levee tougher economic sanctions on the rogue regime. North Korea responded that they would retaliate, ″a thousand fold″. In almost a Shakespearean staging, we now have President Trump taking his seat upon ′the Throne of Mars′, with ′Dogs of War′ ″crouching for employment″. Where will this drama end?





I expected buffoons like Joe Scarborough to drone about on TV about how President Trump is taking us into a needless war. But last night, even Sean Hannity seems worried about the current state of affairs. There is no doubt that North Korea is a threat to world peace, just as Iran will be so soon. We can all thank Bill Clinton and Barack Obama for these political nightmares. While it is always prudent to prepare for the worst, I, personally, am not loosing any sleep over this new ′crisis′.


Time for a reality check. First, one out of two missile tests being successful does not make for a reliable weapon system. Even that success only went some 650 miles, barely far enough to be a threat to Japan, let alone Guam or anybody else. Secondly, at best, or worst, North Korea could only launch a few ICBMs, maybe 3 to 5, at any time in the near future. I am quite confident that our current missile defense systems could take that many out before they reach any target. Those are just the systems we know about! I suspect that we have a few aces up our sleeves that are still very secret.


Thirdly, what would be Kim Jong Un′s game plan? What is his objective? His primary objective, as always, is to remain in power. Heck, he′s been busy of late murdering family members and other rivals to fulfill that goal. His primary worry is China, as without their support propping up his failing regime, it would fail. North Korea has a serious problem with starving citizens, even rumors of cannibalism. Kim Jong Un has to worry more about his own people than President Trump and us. China certainly does not want a war to break out on the Korean Peninsula, nor does Russia. Both nations are having economic issues of their own and a war would ruin them.


So what is the solution here? Like any game of poker, it all comes down to the cards, the bet and the person who has the guts to play. President Trump has the guts to play this game. We have already seen that with Syria. Kim Jong Un has seen that as well which is probably why he has been making a lot of noises lately. He is fishing for assurances that he may stay in power should things get nastier within his own borders. In the 20th Century, most wars started because of internal political problems, with wars against neighbors used as a distraction to unify an angry populace. This scheme usually does not work, nor end well.


The solution here is for China and or Russia to broker a deal, assuring North Korea that neither South Korea nor Japan will start their own nuclear weapons programs. Both have been talking about it in the past couple of years. We have already seen the new ′peace-nik′ leader of South Korea suddenly switch from not wanting our THAD missile defense system at all to wanting it installed yesterday. We already have THAD batteries in Japan and even at Guam. Naturally, North Korea is going to want money, lots of it!


Is it worth a few billion dollars to quiet things down? Yep! Anything that buys us time is good. With President Donald Trump, we have a leader who will spend the money to develop and build some ′in-depth′ missile defense systems to protect America and our allies. The more time we have to complete and deploy such systems the better. Mind you, we will shortly need to have them in place for Iran, as well as for other potential threats. Many systems, like airborne, ship and land based laser platforms, are already in the pipeline and can be ready in a year or two, if not sooner. Despite how it looks, we have the advantage. China and Russia know this all too well.


So, I am not too worried about North Korea. Yes, they are making a lot of noise and are a threat, especially to South Korea and Japan. If war were to actually break out, President Donald Trump′s talk about ″fire and fury″, ″like the world has never seen before″, is very true! Can you recall, ″Shock and Awe″? That was pretty spectacular, and we can do much more today than back then. For all of his bluster, Kim Jong Un is running a highly centralized authoritarian regime. You start taking out command and communication centers and the rest of his power will unravel rather quickly. Maybe we should have Dennis Rodman go over there and take Kim on a vacation to chill out for a while? A nice booze-filled bender might do a lot of good. For you ′Doom and Gloomers′, tomorrow I′ll write about the other side of the coin.


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