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New Study Debunks Global Warming

A new research study has examined the latest findings on Global Average Surface Temperature, GAST, from NOAA, NASA and HADLEY. The result of the study is to debunk estimates and predictions from an earlier report by the EPA known as the GHG/CO2 Endangerment Finding. The data gathered by all of these government agencies is very flawed, resulting in a report which is, ″not a valid representation of reality″. The new study shows that the EPA′s conclusions are inconsistent with actual data obtained from credible sources. Claims that the three GAST data sets show record setting global warming are completely false. This also means that the EPA′s findings based on those studies is also erroneous.




With the current GAST data being wrong, so too are predictions for future GAST estimates. The computer models using the data are wrong, as are the plans by the EPA to modify national policy with more regulations. Global Warming alarmists argue that the conclusions must be valid since all of the GAST data from NOAA, NASA and HADLEY are very similar, about 95.6% in being identical. But, just because its identical doesn′t mean that it is accurate! Indeed, part of the reason they are so identical is because they all make the same, flawed assumptions.


A good deal of this inaccuracy stems from most of the data coming from urban areas, so-called Heat Islands. Since 1900, the population of humans has increased from 1 Billion to 7 Billion, making these heat islands larger, and hotter. Such ground based temperature recordings are therefore flawed and do not properly represent any planet-wide temperature trends, since these urban areas make up a very small percentage of the Earth′s surface. Most people live on only about 3% of the land, which makes up only a third of the Earth′s surface. So the data gathered, and used in these climate studies, only tell us what is happening on about 1% of the surface of our planet.


Methods for gathering data over a wider area, such as with satellites and weather balloons, paint an entirely different picture. Those data sets show very little temperature change since 1900. In fact, most of the Earth′s surface is actually cooling slightly. Another reason for dismissing the GAST data from urban areas is that more than 90% of such weather stations are improperly set up or placed in very bad locations. Most are at airports, which are generally warmer than surrounding regions due to so much asphalt and concrete. On top of this problem, most weather stations are not constructed 9 feet or higher as recommended. Most are less than 6 feet off the ground, throwing data off.


Perhaps even more interesting is the fact that there is a considerable amount of data missing. On some continents, such as Africa and South America, 90% of daily temperature and other weather data is not available. Where did it go? Who is hiding it? Even in the United States, there is much missing data, as well as the problem of inconsistency in when and how the data is recorded. On the oceans, which cover 71% of the Earth′s surface, there is considerably inconsistency in measuring weather data. Sea water temperatures are gathered by a wide range of methods, from buckets being tossed over the side of a ship to water sucked into a ship′s engine system, as well as by both moored and drifting buoys.


So the main point of this new study which reviewed the GAST data from NASA, NOAA and HADLEY, which in turn was used in the latest EPA GHG/CO2 Endangerment Finding is that the data used cannot be trusted. The sources and methods used to gather the data are inconsistent and often flawed. At this point, it doesn′t matter how accurate a computer model is for predicting future trends, which is another issue in itself. Most models fail when compared with actual, past temperature recordings. Any new regulations on carbon and other gas emissions by the EPA based on these flawed data sets need to be scrutinized.


On a personal note, I saw two incidents just in the past week or so which seems to debunk the whole climate change hysteria over rising sea levels. A new island forming off the coast of North Carolina seems to be proving that the Atlantic Ocean is not rising. The recent TV show about a search for Amelia Earhart on the History Channel showed how the Pacific island the investigators believe she landed near has actually increased in size since 1937! Apparently, the Pacific Ocean is not rising either! So much for Al Gore and Barack Obama.


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