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New Ken Doll Modeled After Rachel Maddow

The Mattel toy company has begun producing a new line of Ken dolls for Barbie to date, styling them to look like a modern-day Millennial. Noe of these new Ken dolls looks a lot like MSNBC host, Rachel Maddow. The uncanny resemblance is frightening! Just look at the comparison picture below! No, I did not ′photo-shop′ it at all! Looks like Ken has been turned into an androgynous ′Metro-Sexual′. Sort of like the famous Pajama Boy from the ′Talk About Obamacare′ commercials and ads. These days, Pajama Boy is probably talking about how Russians in black helicopters tried hacking the election and Hillary Clinton′s emails. Just like Rachel Maddow!




So I have to wonder, what sort of accessories come with the new Rachel Maddow Ken doll? Does his/her pajamas have little paisley prints on them, or are they tiny vaginas? Does he/she come with a small ′Pink Pussy′ cap to wear at Trump protests? How about an ″I′m With Her″ t-shirt? Being a Millennial, the new Ken doll must come with oversized latte mugs and a selfie-stick. I suspect that the new Millennial Ken might have other uses for such a stick. Will Mattel make a toy ′Smart Car′ for Ken and Barbie to drive in? Or is car ownership too 20th Century? Maybe they just use an Uber ride driven by an illegal immigrant?


Ah, one of the joys of writing for my own blog! My old boss at RightPundits would not have allowed me to publish this one. He may have chuckled at it, but he was trying to keep his website ′Family-Oriented′. Now I can cut loose and say, or write, what I REALLY think! Well, almost, there is a line or two which I won′t cross, despite the temptation to do so. Had Hillary won, I might have. I wouldn′t care anymore at that point.


When it comes to the new Ken doll looking like Rachel Maddow, I can′t make it up. Just look at the comparison photo. I would ask, ″What were they thinking?″, but I already know the answer. The folks at Mattel are being Politically Correct. They caved in long ago to the PC bullies. Much to their own self-destruction. Mattel should realize that toys like Barbie and Ken will be rejected by Far-Left parents and not purchased for their children. They would more likely buy their kiddies a packet of heirloom carrot seeds and an organic planting kit. Heck, forget about Christmas toy sales, that involves religion! No, Mattel should wise up and realize that their core market is Middle America. People who love our country and do not live in Berkeley or Manhattan. If Mattel were to produce Ken and Barbie dolls sporting ″Make America Great Again″ accessories, they would sell like hotcakes! The Ken dolls should look like Eric and Don Jr, or Tucker Carlson, not like Rachel Maddow.


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