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Jeff Sessions at Senate Hearing Calls Comey Innuendo 'Lies'

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions appeared in an open hearing yesterday before the Senate Intelligence Committee. He addressed the leaked innuendo from James Comey′s closed-door hearing with the committee last week. During the open phase of that hearing, Comey alluded to believing A.G. Sessions recusing himself from the Russian probe was ″problematic″. According to the leaked story from the closed hearing, Comey alleged that Sessions had a third, unreported meeting with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak in April of 2016 at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington. Comey allegedly claimed that he knew of this from classified intercepts of foreign nationals discussing the meeting. Sessions called the allegations a lie and said that he spoke at a conference at the Mayflower where Kislyak was one of 4 ambassadors attending out of some 400 other guests. Not exactly a covert meeting to plot the subversion of our elections.




Jeff Sessions denied any involvement or knowledge of any alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian officials. He said that he may have shook hands with Kislyak at the Mayflower that day in April, 2016, but had no substantive conversation with him. Democratic senators piled on Sessions to make him divulge any private conversations he had with President Donald Trump concerning Russia or the election hacking probe. But Sessions refused, citing confidentiality rules under Justice Department guidelines. Similar rules apply to all cabinet and other officials with respect to private conversations with the president. The rules also apply to any documents about such conversations, such as Comey′s ′memorial memos′, which he leaked to the New York Times via a friend from Columbia University. Such documents are deemed as confidential and federal property under the Federal Documents Act.


As to Comey′s allegations, Jeff Sessions called the innuendos lies. He also disputed Comey′s version of events of the February 14, 2017 meeting with President Donald Trump at the Oval Office. Comey had told the Senate committee that Sessions had ″lingered″ as others left and President Trump wanted to talk with Comey alone. Sessions said that he was simply one of the last to leave. He also disputed Comey′s version of a talk between Comey and Sessions the very next day about the White House meeting. Comey told the committee last week that Sessions was ″indifferent″ about his concerns about being left alone with the president.


Sessions claims that he told James Comey to follow Department of Justice guidelines concerning any conversations with the president. Sessions added that if Comey truly left that President Trump was trying to coerce or intimidate him, Comey should have followed the chain of command and reported the matter to the then Acting Deputy Attorney General, Dana Boente, who was technically Comey′s direct supervisor at the time. Boente had been brought into the Justice Department by Eric Holder as U.S. Attorney for Eastern District of Louisiana back in 2012 and appointed to the same post for Virginia, EDVA, by Barack Obama in 2015. Boente had given a resignation when President Trump took office, but it was declined. He replaced Sally Yates when she was fired.


The Senate Intelligence Committee hearing was contentious against Jeff Sessions, who stood up to the nonsense being spewed about him. There were almost no questions at all concerning the purpose of the hearing, to investigate and assess the claims of Russia hacking the 2016 elections. There has already been plenty of testimony, even from those opposed to President Donald Trump, that there was no collusion between the Trump campaign nor the transition team with Russia. Nor is there a single, verifiable document in evidence, either, on that allegation.


Attorney General Jeff Sessions stood up to the badgering and showed himself to be far more credible than the wimpy, cowardly James Comey. The case against Comey for leaking confidential, perhaps even classified material, appears to be firming up with each action Comey takes to attack the Trump administration. Sessions defended the firing of Comey as he had mismanaged the FBI and exceeded his authority on more than one occasion. Last week during his testimony, Comey himself even admitted that he deliberately misled Congress under oath after being ordered to do so by Loretta Lynch. Comey′s credibility is completely gone.


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Most Democrats in congress do not know or understand the constitution. Sessions is doing his constitutional duty and the Democrats are either ignorant or do not care. They are out to kick Trump out of office and will lie cheat do anything to do it. The Democrats want a global government with themselves in charge of us. They view us as their serfs of slaves. The sad part is many Americans are useful idiots who go along and want Democrat dictatorship.



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