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ISIS in Egypt Behind Coptic Christian Massacre

The Islamic State, or ISIS, has claimed responsibility for the attack in Egypt on a bus carrying Coptic Christians. At least 28 were killed, including many children. Reports that ten gunmen crossed over the border from Libya to conduct this massacre. Egypt responded quickly, launching an airstrike against a terrorist training camp in Libya. This terrorist attack on Friday was the fourth of the week by ISIS. The other attacks include the Manchester Arena bombing, a battle with government troops in the Philippines and a bombing in Indonesia. For the Coptic Christians in Egypt, this is not the first time that they have been the targets of ISIS.




On Palm Sunday, two Coptic Christian churches in Egypt were bombed by ISIS terrorists. Some 48 people were arrested, about 18 with ties to the Islamic State. A trail of evidence showed that the group responsible did acquire weapons and support from ISIS through contacts in Libya. Libya has become a safe haven for terrorists after the Obama administration, and then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, supported the NATO effort to remove Muammar Gaddafi from power. The parents of the Manchester bomber, Salman Abedi, fled from Libya and sought refuge in the UK over 20 years ago. But recently, his father and younger brother had returned to Libya and appear to have joined the Islamic State.


There is no doubt the the massacre of the Coptic Christians this week in Egypt is part of a wider assault on Christians throughout the region. By and large due to Barack Obama and his foreign policy failures. When Obama, and Hillary Clinton, supported the ′Arab Spring′, the result was not a flourishing of democracies but of Muslim extremists taking control of formerly peaceful nations. The Coptic Church in Egypt came under attack shortly after the Muslim Brotherhood rose to power after the Mubarak regime was toppled. Again, a move supported by Obama and Hillary. A series of assaults and church burnings have been going on since.


About 10% of the population throughout the Middle East is Christian. We have seen similar killing sprees against Christians in Syria, Iraq and elsewhere. Even a United Nations report last year proclaimed that there was a Christian genocide underway in the Middle East and Africa. But Obama did not seem too concerned about it. Neither Obama nor Hillary Clinton would even muster the courage to verbally identify who was behind this genocide, radical Islamic terrorism.


Fortunately, we now have President Donald Trump in charge, who has the courage to speak out against radical Islamic terrorism. President Trump, calls these freaks for what they are, evil losers! He is also calling on the region′s leaders to ″drive them out″ of existence. It will take time to achieve this goal, but with President Trump, we now have a leader who has turned the fight around. He has given the military carte blanche to do what it must to defeat the Islamic State. We are literally running out of bombs. The job is underway to restore order and bring peace to the world.


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