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Hillary Clinton Blames Macedonians, 1,000 Russians

Hillary Clinton continued her Blame Game Tour 2017 attending the Recode Code Con in Rancho Palos Verdes, California. During a whacky conspiracy theory rant, Hillary added more suspects to her list of those responsible for her defeat to President Donald Trump in 2016. She blames some 1,000 Russian spies who ′weaponized′ Fake News against her with the help of the Trump campaign. Hillary also added hackers from Macedonia running fake news websites. She also blamed the U.S. Supreme Court for the Citizens United case ruling. Let us not forget the DNC and their data analysis operation, which Hillary claims went broke and she had to bail them out. Of course, Barack Obama and his administration also share some of the blame, according to Hillary Rodham Clinton, because they did not take the interference by the Russians seriously. Seriously?



Before I forget, Hillary Clinton also blamed Rebecca Mercer, the billionaire whose family runs a large hedgefund as well as the British data company, Cambridge Analytica. The Mercers, who also help fund Breitbart News, also arranged for Steve Bannn and Kellyanne Conway to join the Trump campaign, according to Hillary. She even insinuated that Cambridge Analytica, with perhaps help from MI6, aided the Russians in weaponizing their ′Fake News′ efforts, along with Americans who guided them with data and support. Who can forget WikiLeaks, which Hillary thinks is a code word for Russians, as she claimed that WikiLeaks dumped the John Podesta emails which had been hacked from Podesta′s Gmail account less than one hour after the Access Hollywood story broke about Trump. Mind you, Podesta′s account was hacked back in March of 2016.


All of this adds up to the wildest, bat-shite, crazy theory contrived by Hillary Rodham Clinton. I suppose that those 1,000 Russian agents were also responsible for her not campaigning in Wisconsin. Oh yeah, Hillary also ″feels sorry″ for voters in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania who were tricked into voting for Trump. Perhaps the Macedonians conspired to prevent Hillary from having a clear message as to why she wanted to be president? A reason for voters to get behind, especially Middle Class, working voters.


No, this is typical Hillary Clinton. The same crazy thinking which blamed a ″vast, right-wing conspiracy″ for her husband to have an affair in the Oval Office with an intern. Or that she could collude with those same Russians in the Uranium One deal which netted Bill Clinton double his usual speaking fee from some Moscow banks. After all, according to Hillary, the whole private email scandal was just a ″nothing burger″. About as nothing as those missing Rose Law Firm files accidentally discovered in Vince Foster′s closet. Whitewater was a ″nothing burger″, too, even though 15 people were tried and convicted of some 40 felonies, ranging from loan fraud and bribery to tax evasion and embezzlement.


Hillary Clinton has lost her mind, if she ever had one in the first place. I′m waiting for her to start blaming Bernie Sanders and the other 2016 Democratic Party candidates for simply daring to challenge her in the primaries. Just think if she didn′t have to bother driving around in her ′Scooby Van′, or spend any money until the general election. Maybe then the DNC would not have gone broke, as Hillary claims, and required her to bail them out. They also would not have been embarrassed when the story broke that the DNC colluded with Hillary to keep Bernie from winning the nomination. Hillary′s crazy rant at Code Con was sad and funny. Funny if you enjoy seeing her make a fool of herself. Sad, maybe even scary, to think that she almost won. Good thing those Macedonians were trying to reestablish their Alexandrian Empire.


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