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Greg Gianforte Wins Montana Special Election

Republican candidate Greg Gianforte wins the Montana special election. Gianforte will now fill the House seat in Congress after Ryan Zinke was selected by President Donald Trump to become the new Secretary of the Interior. The Democratic Party candidate, Rob Quist, conceded the race last night. With about 98% of the votes counted, Gianforte won with just over 50%, about 189,000 votes, Quist has about 44% and Libertarian candidate Mark Wicks almost 6%. Greg Gianforte became embroiled in some last minute controversy after ′body slamming′ Ben Jacobs, a reporter for the UK Guardian. Authorities have charged Gianforte with misdemeanor assault, punishable with a $500 fine and up to 6 months in jail.




Despite a barrage by The Media over the incident, Gianforte still won, mostly because of early voting by way of mail-in ballots. The assault on Ben Jacobs happened Wednesday night at Gianforte′s office at his campaign headquarters. Gianforte was about to be interviewed by Alicia Acuna of Fox News when Jacobs burst into the room uninvited and demanded a comment about the Congression Budget Office′s report on the GOP American Health Care Act. Gianforte became angry at the intrusion, allegedly grabbing Jacobs by the throat and ′body slamming′ him unto the ground, then punching him two or three times. However, from interviews Jacob gave throughout the day to other TV news channels, he did not seem to be worse for wear. There were no signs of bruises or cuts.


During his victory speech last night, Greg Gianforte apologized to Ben Jacobs for his reaction to the uninvited intrusion. Many in The Media are claiming that this part of a growing trend of hatred for journalists caused by President Donald Trump. However, some, including myself, believe that this is just another sign of an out-of-control Liberals attacking Republicans and Trump supporters. GQ writer Rupert Myers posted on Twitter a tweet back on January 11, 2017 about Barack Obama murdering Donald Trump, then pardoning himself. Little attention was given to this. Back in 2009, Chris Matthews of MSNBC fantasized about somebody killing radio talk giant, Rush Limbaugh. About two weeks ago, a Tennessee woman, Wendi L. Wright, allegedly tried to run Rep. David Kustoff off the road after a town hall meeting about the AHCA. Add to this the growing number of violent protests by Liberal and Progressive groups.


Which ever way you want to slice it, the fact remains that Greg Gianforte won the Montana special election and will now be the ′Big Sky′ state′s only member in the House of Representatives. Rob Quist, the guitar-playing nudist who was the Democratic Party candidate lost by about 6% of the vote. The House seat being filled was left vacant after Congressman Ryan Zinke accepted the cabinet post of Secretary of the Interior from President Donald Trump.


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