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FISA Court Rebukes Obama NSA Spying on Americans

A news story from by John Solomon and Sara Carter reports that on October 26, 2016, the NSA′s own FISA Court issued a rebuke against the Obama administration for the illegal spying of American citizens. In 2011, the Barack Obama White House issued new, lax guidelines for the NSA gathering information. This included Internet searches on American citizens whose names were mentioned during intercepts of warranted surveillances. Over the years, the FISA Courts had admonished the NSA and the Obama administration for not properly following Section 702 laws involving the need for ″minimization″ in conducting such probes. The rebuke from October 26, 2016 states that the NSA was ″conducting such queries inviolation of that prohibition, with much greater frequency than had been previously disclosed to the Court.″




Indeed! Solomon and Carter report that a recently declassified document from April 26, 2017 from the same FISA Court goes even further. Citing an ″institutional lack of candor″ on the scope of the improper searches was a ″very serious Fourth Amendment issue″. The scope of these NSA searches turns out to consist of 5% of all such searches as being improper, violating so-called ′safeguards′ allegedly put in place since 2011. Also that the amount of such searches increased by a factor of 3 under Obama. The two Circa reporters also recently discovered that the amount of names of Americans caught in NSA surveillance were unmasked 350% more in 2016 than during 2015. A coincidence or part of a directed effort to undermine political opponents during an election year?


Senator Rand Paul is not very happy about this. The other day while appearing on Fox News, Sen. Paul (R-TX) said that if this story is true, ″this is an enormous abuse of power.″ Even the ACLU is not happy about it, described in the Circa report that ″the newly disclosed violations are some of the most serious to ever be documented″. Caught with their hand in the cookie jar, the NSA now claims that they have suspended this method of collection, and that they have deleted data gathered.


The truth, of course, is that this is nothing new for the Barack Obama administration. Disregarding laws, violating the Constitution and lying about its actions are all par for the course by the old Obama White House. The Fake News Media completely failed in reporting about the various criminal acts by the Obama administration. Whether it was the selling of weapons to Mexican drug cartels or using the IRS to attack political opponents. Another story popped up yesterday that the Obama administration allowed a bunch of teenage illegal aliens into the United States even after they admitted to belonging to the narco-terror group, MS-13. Instead of immediately deporting them, the little darlings were sent to shelters and allowed to remain.


What did you expect from Obama? The guy was a crook even back when he was a state senator in Illinois. Obama was running around with a bunch criminals, including the 28 members of the ′Illinois Combine″ busted, tried and convicted by Patrick Fitzgerald and the FBI in ′Operation Board Game′. That bunch includes former Governor Rod Blagojevich and Obama′s old, next-door neighbor, Antoin ′Tony′ Rezko. Naturally, the Far-Left Media looked the other way and refrained from connecting the numerous dots which tied Obama directly with this mob.


I tell ya, nothing surprises me anymore when it comes to Barack Obama and his stooges breaking the law while he sat in the White House. Maybe one day, the whole truth will be told and Americans will realize just how huge a mistake they made in electing Obama. I may not live long enough to see that day, but it will happen eventually. , of that I am certain. The myth of the ′scandal-free′, ′No-Drama-Obama′ is just that, a myth, a lie, covered up by a corrupt news media and other corrupted institutions. But we can rest easier now at least, as the Donald Trump administration is in charge and is getting a grip on the NSA and other parts of the U.S. government. It will take time, but The Swamp will be drained!


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