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Fast And Furious Hearing Blasts Eric Holder, DOJ

While most of official Washington and The Media were focused on James Comey this week, the House Oversight Committee held a hearing on Wednesday about the ′Fast and Furious′ gun running scandal. The Barack Obama administration was hit hard in a 250-page report which shows that Eric Holder and the Justice Department tried to cover-up the ATF operation. Especially the resulting murder of Border Patrol Officer Brian Terry, shot by one of some 2,000 weapons sold to Mexican drug cartels by the ATF on December 14, 2010. The new report paints a picture of how Holder and the DOJ deliberately fought efforts by Congress to investigate the scandal, as well as keep it out of The Media.




Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT), chaired the committee hearings, which took testimony from several people. Including Sen. Charles Grassley (R-IA), ATF agent and whistle-blower, John Dodson, plus Brian Terry′s mother, Josephine Terry. The ATF operation was conducted to track the weapons as they sold to criminals in hopes of arresting them. However, the tracking effort, known as ′gun walking′, failed, and the weapons wound up in the hands of many criminals, including some in the Mexican drug cartels.


Brian Terry was killed during a gun battle along the Arizona border with Mexico with a 6-man group of cartel members. This April, one of the members suspected of killing Terry was arrested. Eric Holder and the DOJ tried to cover-up who killed Brian Terry and how the criminals obtained their guns. When John Dodson discovered that the gun used to kill Terry was part of the 2,000 sold in the Fast and Furious operation, he blew the whistle. For his courage to go public with this blatant, government foul-up, Dodson was subjected to investigations, surveillance and generally ostracized by the ATF and DOJ.


Sen. Grassley confirmed during the hearing on Wednesday that the Justice Department made every effort to cover-up attempts by the U.S. Senate to learn what had happened in the ATF operation, and the death of Brian Terry. He told the House committee, ″The Department of Justice and ATF had no intention of looking for honest answers and being transparent.″ For his trouble, Dodson told the committee that even today, more than 6 years later, he still is being treated as, ″an enemy of the state″, by the ATF and DOJ.

The cover-up went right to the top of the ′food-chain′. The new report cites an email from ex-Deputy Attorney General James Cole to his boss, Eric Holder, ″I don′t want to jinx it but it really is astounding that the plan worked, so far″, in keeping attention to the ATF operation and murder of Terry out of The Media. On June 28, 2012, Congress voted 255 to 67 to hold Eric Holder in contempt of Congress his stonewalling them about Fast and Furious. Among the reasons for this was Holder contradicting earlier testimony before the House Judiciary Committee as to when he had become aware of the ATF operation.


The new report shows that by July 2011, Eric Holder and others were in full cover-up mode to obstruct the House and Senate probes. This included members of other agencies, like the FBI, to do what they could to delay and block information from being released. Another email from Holder to Cole and others on July 26, 2011 concerning the Washington Post stories on Fast and Furious was very plain in its language. Holder told the recipients to ″Hit back HARD″.


With all of the ′Fake News′ around James Comey and the Russia probe, here with the Fast and Furious investigation, we have a genuine case of cover-up, obstruction of justice and government gone rogue. Eric Holder and others deserve to be investigated for possible criminal activity far more so than any one from the Trump campaign. The worst that Michael Flynn may have done is lie to the Vice President and maybe forgotten to list some work he might have done for the Turkish government. But, with Operation Fast and Furious, we have the Barack Obama administration supplying automatic weapons to Mexican drug cartels, resulting in many deaths, including that of Border Patrol Officer Brian Terry. The House hearing on Wednesday comes more than 6 years after the fact, which goes to show just how murky ′The Swamp′ is in Washington.


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