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CNN Fires Kathy Griffin, Thank Goodness!

It took almost a full day before CNN decided to fire Kathy Griffin from her New Years Eve gig with Anderson Cooper. This came after Griffin posed for video/photo shoot with her holding a mock, severed head of President Donald Trump. Her only sponsor, Squatty Potty, canned her within minutes after the photo was released. Hours later, she pod-casted an apology, admitting that as a comedian, she crossed the line. However, it was too little, too late. Even the Secret Service will still be obligated to pay her a visit and question her. I guess she never thought about that when she agreed to pose. Since I won′t further circulate her vile photo, below is one I ginned up. Yes, I′m crossing the line of good tatse!



Frankly, I never considered Kathy Griffin very funny in the first place. Her TV debut as a character on ″Seinfeld″ pretty much sucked and showed us her limitations as a comedian. Even the episode where she did her ″Devil Jerry′ routine stunk. Her Bravo TV series about her life as a D-List celebrity was lame as well. Even after her HBO shows, all she could come up with is having Squatty Potty as a sponsor. Looks like she just flushed her pitiful career, for what it is, down the drain.


While I wish no one any harm, but if fighters of the Islamic State were to capture Kathy Griffin and behead her, I won′t condemn them. Under their way of thinking, especially a strict adherence to Sharia Law, such would be a 3-for. She′s an Infidel, a foul-mouthed Harlot, and supports sexual deviants. Stick her severed head on a pole and parade it down the streets of Raqqa. Now THATS funny!!!


I′m sorry, just my shameless, silly way of expressing my own comedic relief. I am just proving a point by way of matching absurdity with more absurdity. No Christian soul would want to see evil terrorists parading a woman′s head on a pole in some death march. Even Kathy Griffin′s head. Yet, for some reason, she thought that posing with a mock up of a severed head for President Trump was some form of comedy. All she did was demonstrate how she is a godless, immoral hedonist. I′ll add that she looked pretty dreadful, both in the posed photo and in her apology video. Ugly is as ugly does, and what she did was mighty ugly.


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