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CNN Dumps Reza Aslan, The Goofy Sufi

CNN has decided to cut ties with Reza Aslan and cancel his show, ″Believer″ after derogatory remarks made on Twitter about President Donald Trump. Aslan tweeted recently about our President following the London Bridge terror attack. Aslan wrote: ″This piece of s#*& is not just an embarrassment to America and a stain on the presidency. He′s an embarrassment to humankind.″ CNN decided to dump their only religious program, obviously which had to be hosted by a Muslim.




Reza Aslan is Iranian-born and started off life as a Shia Muslim, then converted to Christianity for a short while as a teenager before reverting back to Islam when he started at Harvard. The so-called religious scholar and author of several books currently considers himself a Sufi Muslim. Sufism is a rather bizarre, mystical form of Islam, which seeks to please God through ′fitra′, a state of being where nothing the believer does offends or defies God. I have to wonder if Aslan believes that such includes driving a truck into a crowd of infidels?


Make no mistake, Reza Aslan is very Liberal, ultra-Left-Wing. He is a ′joiner′, belonging to all sorts of ′Interfaith′ and Internationalist groups, such as the Council on Foreign Relations. Aslan has been published by the usual gang of failing media, like the New York Times, the Washington Post, The Nation and The Daily Beast. He also fancies himself a ′creative writer′ and has worked on or consulted on productions like ″Prince of Persia″ from Disney and the Broadway version of ″Aladdin″. He also is connected with the HBO series, ″The Leftovers″, a post-Rapture-like tale.


I have never watched his show on CNN, since they are a Fake News network. But, I can only imagine the sort of dribbling nonsense that Reza Aslan oozes out. His tweet on Twitter about President Donald Trump is certainly verification of my ′feelings′ and ′concerns′. Unlike James Comey, however, I never felt the need to write myself a memorial memo about Reza Aslan. Perhaps I should have after reading that in his premiere episode of ″Believers″. The episode was about the Hindu Aghori sect and resulted in complaints that Aslan was anti-Hindu after a scene where he participated in a ritual, the sadhus, by eating a human brain. A slew of groups, like the Hindu American Foundation and even Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) were critical of the episode.


While the Anti-Trump forces are probably upset with CNN for dumping Reza Aslan and his series over his tweet about President Trump, I suspect that some folks will be glad to see him fade away into the woodwork with Hillary Clinton. While the Far-Left may give him a pass for being a Muslim, the fact that he believes in a God at all must make the hard-core Socialists cringe. Add to that his apparent anti-Hindu leanings doesn′t help him, either. I′m sure that Reza Aslan will still kick around somewhere, maybe even being a guest commentator on MSNBC now and then. Seeings as how James Comey failed to bring down the Trump administration, the dopes need all the help they can get.  Still, you gotta wonder about CNN in not firing Aslan for eating a human brain!


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