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Bob Beckel Fired From Fox News

The Fox News Channel fired Bob Beckel for alleged racial remarks told to an African-American IT technician. The former co-host of ″The Five″ has been in hot water before for his big mouth. This time, it was off-camera. According to allegations made by the IT tech, Beckel proclaimed that he was leaving his office because there was a Black man in it. The tech was servicing Beckel′s computer at the time. The excuse that Beckel was just trying to be funny, joking around, did not work this time. FNC is dealing with multiple lawsuits stemming from being a hostile workplace from many female and Black employees. Roger Ailes, who just died two days ago, as well as Bill O′Reilly, were fired from Fox News for sexual harassment allegations filed against them.



Bob Beckel has been fired before for using inappropriate language on air. He is like a grumpy old man with too many axes to grind. For a while, he was my favorite Liberal on cable news shows. Early on when Fox News started ″The Five″, Beckel had mentioned that he had once stashed away thousands of dollars in cash, along with a couple of pounds of cocaine, in a bank safety deposit box. Which, due to his alcoholism, he had forgotten which bank and where it was. Beckel also mentioned how he had passed out at a Christmas party at the White House back when he was Assistant Secretary of State in the Jimmy Carter administration.


However, since Bob Beckel returned to ″The Five″ after President Donald Trump won the 2016 election, he simply has not been any fun. Instead, he reverted to being an angry, grumpy Liberal who attacks President Trump for everything and anything. Often times without any basis or genuine reason. In other words, Bob Beckel has just become another Liberal political commentator of the same, demented ilk one sees on CNN or MSNBC. His unique flair and style has degenerated to hateful propaganda.


I won′t say I′m sorry to see Bob Beckel go now that he has been fired by the Fox News Channel. Actually, I am kind of glad. To be frank, ″The Five″ has lost its charm since it moved to prime-time. Primarily because Eric Bolling is no longer on the panel of hosts. Bolling has his own show at the 5pm Eastern time slot on FNC, which, I am sorry to say stinks due to his co-host, Katherine ′Kat′ Timpf. She is a ′Never-Trumper′ who somehow managed to get a job with the National Review. Greg ′Cuckfeld′ Gutfeld brought her on board at Fox News for his Saturday night show. Fox News already has its token dopey blonde in the way of Dana PeRINO, so its not like they need another. As for Bob Beckel, FNC doesn′t need him anymore, either. Good riddens!


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