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22 Dead in Manchester Arena Bombing Attack

British authorities confirm that at least 22 people were killed and 59 wounded last night at the Manchester Arena bombing attack. At approximately 10:33pm local time, the Ariana Grande concert at the Manchester Civic Arena was ending. Suddenly, an explosion took place in the arena’s forey area near a ticket window and some concession stands selling souvenirs like t-shirts and posters. Police believe that a lone terrorist was responsible, using some form of an improvised ′nail bomb′. The Islamic State, ISIS, has claimed responsibility, though it is as of yet unclear if the terrorist was a member of any terror cell or network. Most of those attending the concert, as well as many of the victims, 12 were young people, including teenage and preteen girls, one girl as young as 8 years old. Adults were also in the area of the bomb blast, including parents and grandparents to pick up family members attending the concert.





The attack last night came on the 4th anniversary of a terror attack in London where a British soldier, Lee Rigby, was murdered by two Islamic terrorists in broad daylight on a public street. The bombing also comes just after President Donald Trump spoke before a gathering of the Gulf Cooperation Council on the necessity to ″drive out″ extremist theology from mosques and Muslim society. While the identity and motivation of the Manchester bomber has yet to be revealed by police, the assumption is that he is probably a radical, Islamic terrorist. This incident comes just 10 days after the U.S. State Department issued a travel warning to Americans in Europe to avoid tourist sites and events with large crowds.


At a joint press conference with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, President Donald Trump expressed his condolences to the families of the victims in Manchester, and called the attacker(s), ″evil losers in life″. This is a continuation of the theme of his address to the GCC on how extremist theology is not a pathway to salvation, but instead to death. A theme far different than that expressed by Barack Obama during his 8 years in office. He seemed to think that terrorists were just unemployed, oppressed people, acting out on their anger. That the Manchester bomber appeared to be targeting children, particularly young girls, indicates how evil this belief system is.


I have written about this theology many times before, including my last writing gig at Its proper name is Dajjalism. The Dajjal is the Muslim equivalent to the Anti-Christ. For hundreds of years, Muslim clerics considered the Dajjal to be an individual, an infidel, presumably Jewish, with one eye and a long, crooked nose. At the ′End Time′, there would be a battle between the forces of the Dajjal and the Mahdi, the Expected One, who would fight and defeat the Dajjal in the name of Allah and of Mohammad. However, in the 1970s, there came a major change in this belief, oddly enough caused by two American writers.


In 1970 came the best selling book, ″The Late Great Planet Earth″ by Hal Lindsey and Carole C. Carlson. Their interpretation of various sections of the Holy Bible altered the Christian view of the Anti-Christ and of the End Time prophecies. While there would still be an individual leader of the forces opposing God and His believers, Lindsey and Carlson reconnected the dots making ′The Beast′ a system, rather than a single demonic creature. They pointed to the European Union, which was being organized at the time, as ′The Beast′, becoming a new Roman Empire arising out of the ashes from over 1,600 years ago.


The book became very popular and helped fueled the Evangelical Movement in America and elsewhere. Not long after it was published worldwide, some Islamic clerics began adapting the message to their own theology. By the late 1970s, the new view was that the Dajjal was also a system, namely Western Civilization. Principally Israel and the United States, along with their European allies. That the Mahdi would lead Islam in Jihad, ultimately ending in a final battle against this new Dajjal system on July 4, 2076. This new way of interpreting Islamic teachings soon began to catch on, leading many to embrace radical, Islamic terrorism as a method to pave the way to the Mahdi and Jihad.


Dajjalism is essentially a Doomsday, Death Cult. For a while in the 1980s, many Muslim clerics who held fast to the more conservative, traditional theology kept this revision at bay. However, between the existence and resilience of Israel, and the Russian invasion of Afghanistan, the new, extremist viewpoint grew in popularity. While it is hard to quantify its impact, some polling data points to as much as 10% or more of the Muslim faithful believing this newer version. With over a billion Muslims in the world, even lesser figures of 2% or so still adds up to significant numbers of potential Jihadists.


The bad news is that we have a long way to go before July 4, 2076. Anyone who thinks that this problem can be resolved quickly is dreaming. Not unless somebody comes up with a means to replace or displace the extremist viewpoint. When President Donald Trump visited Saudi Arabia this past weekend, he was given a tour of a brand new facility built by the Saudis to monitor and counter this radical theology of Dajjalism. The Saudis have also now made it illegal for individuals to donate money to extremist clerics and groups, and vow to closely monitor such financial transfers. So, there might be some hope that this struggle will not turn out to last the next 59 years.


Meanwhile, our attention is turned to the Manchester Arena bombing attack from last night, which left 22 dead and 59 wounded. There are also some missing people unaccounted for. One young girl is known to be missing after her mother learned that the boy who accompanied her daughter to the Ariana Grande concert was in a hospital having suffered severe injuries. ISIS is claiming responsibility for the attack, though police have yet to determine if there was any actual connection between the bomber and the terrorist group.


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