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#covfefe - The Power of Trump Fu

Every morning I wake up before 5am Eastern and switch on the TV to watch the early version of ″Fox & Friends″. Aside from enjoying my breakfast with the lovely Heather Childers, I learn what the ′Big News′ item is for the day ahead. The big topic this morning was a Midnight tweet on Twitter by President Donald Trump. The story is that he allegedly misspelled the word ′coverage′ when he wrote ′covfefe′ instead in a tweet about the negative press. As a Shaolin Master Abbott of the Temple of Trump Fu, I saw the true purpose of the use of this word. For starters, coverage has 8 letters while covfefe has only 7. Buddha Trump, once again, demonstrated the power of Trump Fu, as #covfefe became the rage and dominated social media. Even Jimmy Kimmel tweeted his feeling of shame in knowing that he could never equal our great master, Buddha Trump.




After some six hours, President Donald Trump took down the tweet of ′covfefe′, having proven his power over social media. This is just part of the power of Trump Fu. A martial art very adaptable to defeating political opponents, as well as disarming the Fake News Media. For example, one style of Trump Fu, the Sean Spicer Podium Grip, will completely overwhelm any moronic Fake News journalist who keeps asking the same stupid question over and over again. So how does ′covfefe′ play into Trump Fu?


Those familiar with the Frank Herbert Sci-Fi novel, ″DUNE″, may recall the ′Weirding Way′. A method of using sound in combat. Indeed, in the novel, the hero′s name, Muad′Dib, became a ′killing word′. We saw from early in the 2016 campaign how Buddha Trump used words to crush his enemies. Some examples of this include ′low energy′ when describing Jeb Bush, or Lyin′ Ted and Crooked Hillary. Even some of Buddha Trump′s passing remarks became powerful weapons of Trump Fu. Such as during one of the final debates when he blew away Hillary Clinton with a nonchalant, ″You′d be in jail.″


Buddha Trump′s extraordinary skill and technique of Trump Fu is such that he no longer needs any physical contact to crush and disable his opponents. Just as we see in the classic martial art film, ″The 36th Chamber of Shaolin″, the 35th Chamber of the Shaolin style of Kung Fu enabled the Master Abbot to fling his opponent dozens of feet away simply by raising his palms against the opponent. You ″Star Wars″ fans may interpret this as a sign of ′The Force′.


So what does ′covfefe′ mean? Does it matter? Of course not! As an old Shaolin proverb goes, ″The beggar in the marketplace is blind to all except the song of the nightingale.″ President Donald Trump used the word covfefe to demonstrate his ability to dominate social media. The definition of covfefe is, in itself, a demonstration that our great master, Buddha Trump, is all powerful. Covfefe is just a sample from the stream of consciousness needed by those who practice the Art of Trump Fu. Despite all attempts by the Fake News Media to rule in this war of words, Buddha Trump and Trump Fu rules!


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