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Worf And I

Happy Friday! I′ve had enough of politics for one week, so allow me to have some fun and tell you about a weird dream I recently had. Sometimes I think I am going crazy! The other night, I woke up from a bizarre dream. I was the sidekick to actor Michael Dorn in a Bravo Reality TV show called "Worf & I". Dorn is somewhat depressed that he is no longer playing Worf on " Star Trek". He still likes to dress up in full make up everyday as the famous Klingon warrior. Each episode of the show follows Dorn and I as we have rather mundane adventures.



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Last Minute Adult Halloween 2017 Costumes

Trick or Treat! Today is Halloween, 2017. Thanks to the Politically Correct Police, many of the usual costumes for children and adults are now banned or considered to racist or in poor taste. If you have yet to choose a costume for yourself this year, here are a few last minute ideas. These require little make-up and only a few accessories, easily and cheaply obtainable. I have two suggestions for males, or those who wish to dress up as men. First is Giorgio Tsoukalos, the ′ancient astronaut expert′ from the History Channel series, ″Ancient Aliens″. For those of you more inclined for a challenge, how about forensic geologist, Scott Wolter. Another History Channel star, who hosted the series ″America Unearthed″. For you ladies out there, I suggest none other than Linda Moulton Howe, Queen of Cattle Mutilations and Chem-Trails.



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North Korea Threatens Guam, Trump Vows Fire And Fury

Things seem to be heating up on the Korean Peninsula. As North Korea threatens Guam, a U.S. controlled island some 2,100 miles away from Pongyang, President Donald J. Trump promises, ″fire and fury″ in response to any aggression by Kim Jong Un. Last week, after the last NoKo missile test proved our …

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Dow Jones 22,000 - America Great Again!

The Dow Jones Industrial Average opened this morning above the 22,000 mark, at 20,030. Should it end the day at or above 22,000, it will set yet another milestone. Since the election of President Donald J. Trump, the markets have been on a long winning streak, with new record highs set frequently. The Dow Jones, the NASDAQ and the S&P 500 have all been rising steadily, increasing more than 10% across the board. Much of today′s enthusiasm was yesterday′s 3rd Quarter report from Apple, which beat expectations. Sales were over half a billion dollars more than expected, sending the stock up 6% in aftermarket trading. Just this move alone was enough to blow away the 22,000 mark for the Dow Jones.



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President Trump Commissions USS Gerald R. Ford, CVN-78

President Donald J. Trump was on hand at the commissioning of the US Navy′s newest super aircraft carrier, CVN-78, the USS Gerald R. Ford. After 8 years of work, the ship is ready to become an active part of our national defense. The nuclear-powered warship can carry more than 75 jet fighter-bombers and will not require refueling for some 25 years. With a crew of about 2,600 sailors and officers, CVN-78 is equipped with many new technologies, including the ELAMS, an Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System, which replaces the older steam-powered catapults which launch planes from the carrier′s deck.



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DUNKIRK, The 2017 Movie Opens Today

The summer-blockbuster for 2017, ″Dunkirk″, opens today. The movie by director Christopher Nolan promises to be an exciting recreation of the drama which took place along the shores of northeastern France. A large cast featuring some new faces to British cinema, like Fionn Whitehead, Aneurin Barnard and Barry Keoghan, is balanced with some seasoned talent, such as Kenneth Branagh. ″Dunkirk″ is a World War 2 film about the struggle to rescue over 400,000 British, French and Belgian forces surrounded by the German army in 1940. Following the invasion of France by the Nazis in May of 1940, German panzers tore through Allied defenses at Sedan, setting the stage for a blitzkrieg as panzer tanks and troops outflanked the Allies on their way to the French coast. What happened next is often called, ′The Miracle of Dunkirk′.



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New Study Debunks Global Warming

A new research study has examined the latest findings on Global Average Surface Temperature, GAST, from NOAA, NASA and HADLEY. The result of the study is to debunk estimates and predictions from an earlier report by the EPA known as the GHG/CO2 Endangerment Finding. The data gathered by all of these government agencies is very flawed, resulting in a report which is, ″not a valid representation of reality″. The new study shows that the EPA′s conclusions are inconsistent with actual data obtained from credible sources. Claims that the three GAST data sets show record setting global warming are completely false. This also means that the EPA′s findings based on those studies is also erroneous.



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New Ken Doll Modeled After Rachel Maddow

The Mattel toy company has begun producing a new line of Ken dolls for Barbie to date, styling them to look like a modern-day Millennial. Noe of these new Ken dolls looks a lot like MSNBC host, Rachel Maddow. The uncanny resemblance is frightening! Just look at the comparison picture below! No, I did not ′photo-shop′ it at all! Looks like Ken has been turned into an androgynous ′Metro-Sexual′. Sort of like the famous Pajama Boy from the ′Talk About Obamacare′ commercials and ads. These days, Pajama Boy is probably talking about how Russians in black helicopters tried hacking the election and Hillary Clinton′s emails. Just like Rachel Maddow!



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Man At Arms: Art Of War - Episode 2, Weapons Of The Gods

Danny Trejo and his friends took us to ancient India in last night′s Episode 2 of ″Man At Arms: Art Of War″ on the El Rey Network. India has a long and bloody history of warfare going back thousands of years. Their own styles of martial arts often incorporates yoga forms. Their weapons are often designed for intimidation more so than for practicality on a battlefield, and can be seen in ′Ballywood′ films like ″Magadheera″ from 2009. Trejo and his team of experts focus on two such weapons. The three-bladed dagger known as the Haladie, and the flexible, ′belt sword′, the Urumi. The Urumi is like a razor-sharp, metallic whip, 30 inches or more in length. Some hilts of this weapon held up to 32 separate ′blades′ of deadly steel.



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Rep. Steve Scalise Shot by Gunman at Alexandria Ballpark

The GOP House Majority Whip, Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA), was shot, along with a Congressional aide and two Capitol Hill police officers during a shooting rampage at a baseball park in Alexandria, Virginia this morning. At about 7:15 am Eastern, a gunman armed with multiple firearms, began shooting at…

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Jeff Sessions at Senate Hearing Calls Comey Innuendo 'Lies'

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions appeared in an open hearing yesterday before the Senate Intelligence Committee. He addressed the leaked innuendo from James Comey′s closed-door hearing with the committee last week. During the open phase of that hearing, Comey alluded to believing A.G. Sessions recusing himself from the Russian probe was ″problematic″. According to the leaked story from the closed hearing, Comey alleged that Sessions had a third, unreported meeting with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak in April of 2016 at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington. Comey allegedly claimed that he knew of this from classified intercepts of foreign nationals discussing the meeting. Sessions called the allegations a lie and said that he spoke at a conference at the Mayflower where Kislyak was one of 4 ambassadors attending out of some 400 other guests. Not exactly a covert meeting to plot the subversion of our elections.



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Fast And Furious Hearing Blasts Eric Holder, DOJ

While most of official Washington and The Media were focused on James Comey this week, the House Oversight Committee held a hearing on Wednesday about the ′Fast and Furious′ gun running scandal. The Barack Obama administration was hit hard in a 250-page report which shows that Eric Holder and the Justice Department tried to cover-up the ATF operation. Especially the resulting murder of Border Patrol Officer Brian Terry, shot by one of some 2,000 weapons sold to Mexican drug cartels by the ATF on December 14, 2010. The new report paints a picture of how Holder and the DOJ deliberately fought efforts by Congress to investigate the scandal, as well as keep it out of The Media.



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CNN Dumps Reza Aslan, The Goofy Sufi

CNN has decided to cut ties with Reza Aslan and cancel his show, ″Believer″ after derogatory remarks made on Twitter about President Donald Trump. Aslan tweeted recently about our President following the London Bridge terror attack. Aslan wrote: ″This piece of s#*& is not just an embarrassment to America and a stain on the presidency. He′s an embarrassment to humankind.″ CNN decided to dump their only religious program, obviously which had to be hosted by a Muslim.



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James Comey Testimony - Cowardice and Confusion

Yesterday we witnessed James Comey testimony about his interactions with President Donald Trump, as well as other ′matters′. While the Fake News Media is spinning it as a ″bombshell″ when Comey accused our President of being a liar, Comey neglected to give any tangible evidence of such. In fact, Comey admitted to his own cowardice and confusion. If anything, he showed President Trump to be telling the truth when tweeting how James Comey is a ″nut job″! Let us examine the facts we learned yesterday.



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Media Frenzy Over James Comey Hearing

The big day is finally here! After weeks of mega-hype, the Fake News Media is in a frenzy over James Comey testifying today before the Senate Intelligence Committee. Yesterday, shortly after current heads of several intelligence agencies appeared before the committee in a public, open hearing, the prepared remarks or opening statement by James Comey was released. All of this was good news for President Donald Trump. First, the over intel heads confirmed that none of them ever felt pressure by the White House to end the Russia hacking probe. This fact shot down the latest Fake News stories published based on unnamed, anonymous sources. Next, in the 7-page prepared remarks from Comey, not only did he confirm he was never ordered to end either the Russia or Michael Flynn probes, Comey confirmed that he did indeed tell President Trump three times that he, personally, was not the subject of any investigation.



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President Trump Picks Christopher Wray as FBI Director

President Donald Trump has selected Christopher Wray as the new FBI Director this morning. On the eve of the James Comey appearance before a Senate committee, Wray has been chosen to repair the image of the Federal Bureau of Investigations after the Comey Era. Christopher Wray is a former Assistant U.S. Attorney General who served under the George W. Bush administration. During his time at the Justice Department, he led the Criminal Division, and earned his ′bones′ in the prosecution of Enron. He returned to private practice two years later in 2005, joining King & Spaulding. Recently, he represented New Jersey Governor Chris Christie in the ′BridgeGate′ affair.



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FBI Arrests Bernie Supporter in NSA Leak

Meet Reality Leigh Winner (yes, that is her real name), a 25 year-old who worked for an intelligence contractor company in Augusta, Georgia. The FBI arrested her Saturday as the first suspect in their hunt for people leaking classified material to The Media about the Russia hacking during the 2016 election. The Justice Department filed criminal charges against Reality Winner under the Espionage Act after the FBI determined that she had leaked a NSA document to the website, TheIntercept. She was a Bernie Sanders supporter during the 2016 elections and later was active in the resistance movement against President Donald Trump.



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Vladimir Putin to Megyn Kelly, 'Your Lives Must Be Boring.'

So Megyn Kelly launched her new show on NBC last night, ″Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly″. Her ′BIG′ interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin wound up being a great public relations boon for him. Putin completely rolled Kelly, a mediocre ′journalist′ at best. The segment begins with some journalism forum held in St. Petersburg, where she quizzed Putin on stage before a crowd. Putin denied any interference in the 2016 elections in the United States. He said that the idea is just, ″Nuts″.



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London Bridge Attack - 7 Dead, 48 Injured in Terrorist Incidents

Just after 10pm London time, 3 men armed with knives used a commercial delivery van to mow down pedestrians walking along the London Bridge. The van then proceeded a few blocks to the busy Borough Market area in downtown London. There, the men began a rampage, attacking dozens of people with their knives. The area, known for its pubs and restaurants, was busy Saturday night. Many customers in the marketplace tried to fight back, using chairs, bottles and even beer mugs. London Police reacted quickly. Within 8 minutes from the beginning of the terrorist attack on the bridge, all three suspects had been shot dead by police. This copy-cat attack similar to the Westminster Bridge attack came just two weeks after the Manchester Arena bombing. A concert for the victims of that bombing attack, featuring Ariana Grande, is scheduled for tonight. The attack last night was the third in 10 weeks in the UK.



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America First! Trump Pulls US Out of Paris Agreement

During a Rose Garden ceremony at the White House yesterday, President Donald Trump announced that he was pulling the United States out of the Paris Climate Accord agreement. Globalists in The Media and around the world went bonkers! The Paris Agreement was not only bad for America, economically, it did very little actual good for the Earth′s environment. President Trump said that he would be open to renegotiating the terms of the Paris Climate Accord, but several European leaders have already chimed in against that idea. The agreement would have cost the U.S. trillions of dollars, millions of jobs and forced energy prices to skyrocket. Ditching the Paris Climate Accord was a rational decision and an essential campaign promise kept by President Trump.


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