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October 2018 Jobs Report, More Winning

by Andrew Zarowny, 11/03/2018


Somebody better make Barbara Streisand some pancakes! The October 2018 jobs report came out on Friday and had more great news for America and President Donald Trump. About 250,000 new jobs were added, including over 30,000 high-paying jobs in manufacturing. A sector which Barack Obama said would never do well again. The National Unemployment Average remained at 3.7%, despite some 600,000 long-term unemployed returning to the work force. The numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics also showed that wages were up some 3.1%.




Unemployment for every demographic continues to be at record, or near-record levels. Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, along with those who have only a high school diploma, or none at all, are at historic lows for unemployment. Women are still at levels not seen in 69 years. The markets did not react well, with the Dow Jones losing some 102 points. However, much of those losses were due to low sales numbers for Apple. The Dow did recover earlier losses after President Trump reported that he had talked with China′s President Xi and that they want to cut a deal on trade.


Still, the big worry on Wall Street is that the Federal Reserve Bank will continue to raise interest rates as the economy roars back to life. Main Street, on the other hand, is happy as a clam with unemployment so low and wages going up! Consumer and small business confidence is very high. The only slowing down of late is in the housing and auto sectors due to the Fed′s recent rate hikes.


The big question will be how yesterday′s October 2018 jobs report effect the midterm elections on Tuesday? One would think that the good economic news would play well for Republicans. About 3 dozen House seats are almost dead even according to recent polls, most of them vacant from Republicans retiring. President Donald Trump is campaigning hard to add GOP seats to the Senate and help House candidates where he can. Our growing economy should make the choice an easy one for keeping Congress firmly in the hands of Republicans. The only person unhappy about the economy is Barbara Streisand, who is considering moving to Canada if Democrats have another bad election. Too bad, Babs! No pancakes in Canada! They call them flap-jacks.


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