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November Jobs Report 2019

The jobs report for November, 2019, came out yesterday, showing more growth for the Trump economy.  Some 266,000 new jobs were added last month, much higher than the expected 180,000.  The national unemployment average fell from 3.6% to 3.5%, the lowest numbers in 50 years.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics jobs report also showed that wages have increased about 3.1% in the past year, to an average hourly rate of $28.29 per hour.  The previous jobs reports from September and October were increased 40,000 jobs now that the GM strike is concluded.  Just about every sector of the economy is showing growth.  No wonder House Democrats are trying to impeach President Donald J. Trump, since his strong economic policies are making America great again!

The U.S. economy is doing extremely well.  All of the stock indexes are higher than a year ago and about 80% higher than during the Obama years.  Thanks to the Trump tax cuts and deregulations, Americans have between $5000 and $6000 in extra, spendable income.  The strong Trump economy is also starting to show higher support for our President from Blacks and Hispanics, more reason for Democrats to worry in 2020.  GDP growth is above the critical 2% mark, a level Obama could not achieve during his 8 years in office.

While nationwide polls still favor Democrats, polls of the key battleground states show Trump winning reelection.  This is why many Democrats are calling for ditching the Electoral College. They prefer allowing New York and California to elect our presidents, not the whole country.  This also explains the latest chatter from Democrat politicians about launching a campaign of endless, multiple impeachment drives against President Trump.  Even before they have had the vote in the House of Representatives, Democrats are threatening to drag the nation through this agony for as long as they have the House.  

The White House declared yesterday that they will not participate in the sham impeachment hearings slated to resume on Monday.  They see no good reason to bother with the dishonest and divisive hearings, which have yet to offer any genuine proof of wrong doing.  House Democrats are abusing power, not President Trump.  Just look at how Adam Schiff obtained phone records on what may be some 3,000 American citizens.  Come November 2020, voters will care less about sham impeachment as they will to buying groceries and paying bills.  

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