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Not Tired Of Winning, Trump Economy Surges

Monday marked the 9th, straight day of the Dow Jones breaking another record high, blowing well past 22,100. This was the 35th record high since President Donald J. Trump took office and nearly 60th since his being elected last November. Since November 8, 2016, the Dow Jones Industrial Average has increased some 15.6%. All of the major American markets have surged over 12% since the election. The latest Jobs Report for July, 2017 was higher than expected with over 209,000 new jobs created. Unemployment has fallen to a 16-year low of 4.3%. The Labor Participation Ratio has increased to a 16-year high, indicating more Americans are employed than ever before in the 21st Century!




On August 4, 2017, Yahoo! News ran an article by Rick Newman on ″One Way Trump Is Outperforming Other Presidents″. That is job creation. In his first 6 months, President Trump has had better job creation numbers than any president since Bill Clinton′s 1st term, 1,074,000 to 1,250,000. When it comes to manufacturing jobs, however, President Trump really does well, adding at least 70,000 in his first 6 months, more than any president since Ronald Reagan with 146,000. Even Bill Clinton lost some 52,000 manufacturing jobs in the first 6 months of his 1st term, Barack Obama lost some 893,000!


Manufacturing jobs used to serve as a ′bell weather′ for the health of the American economy for over a century. As the automobile and steel industries began to shrink in the 1970s, economists looked more to construction jobs as a prime indicator of how healthy the American economy was. By the 1990s, manufacturing job creation was barely even considered relevant any longer. Sectors such as financial and health services were the new places where top managers were earning big bucks, while the rest of the work force remained in a declining Middle Class.


All of this has changed with the election of President Donald J. Trump! He realizes that manufacturing is essential to a nation in order to have not only a healthy, growing economy, but a Middle Class which also will prosper. A primary tenant of Nationalist Economics is that a nation must not only be energy independent, but also be able to grow and manufacture everything its citizens need. For far too long, America has been dependent on other nations for energy, food and both consumer and industrial products.


The American economy is winning again thanks to President Donald J. Trump. We would be winning even more if the lazy bums in Congress would pass tax reforms and repeal Obamacare instead of going on a 5-week vacation. But in the meanwhile, President Trump has been busy shedding our massive and obstructive regulatory system which has been strangling American enterprise for decades. As he toured the country during the presidential campaign, Candidate Trump spoke with both small and large business owners, all of whom said that while they′d like taxes cut, they would be really happy with getting stifling regulations off of their backs. President Trump is delivering on his campaign promise to get the jack-boot of bureaucracy off of the necks of America’s entrepreneurs. Even if Congress fails to act accordingly, small and large businesses will prosper thanks to President Donald Trump, as will the Middle Class as more jobs are created.


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