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Book Review - The Case For Nationalism By Rich Lowry

Happy am I when I get to do a book review for a work I agree with 90% or more!  Such is the new book by Rich Lowry, "The Case For Nationalism:  How It Made Us Powerful, United, and Free".  Published by Broadside Books, an imprint of Harper Collins, Lowry does an excellent job laying out his argument.  Now, I will admit that when I first opened the package when then book was delivered, I was skeptical.  Rich Lowry is an editor for the National Review, a publication which was largely anti-Trump in 2015-16.  However, Lowry, to his credit, did not sign the 'Never Trump' declaration the magazine issued.  Lowry has some issues with our President, such as his tone and tweeting, but Lowry apparently likes Trump's policies, as well he should.

Lowry begins by addressing the common mischaracterizations concerning Nationalism.  There is nothing racist, nor evil.  Nationalism is merely the viewpoint, and policy, of doing what is best for your own nation.  Something for which previous administrations, and the entrenched government bureaucracy, does not practice.  The result of which has been decades of bad trade deals and other misguided foreign entanglements.  

Rich Lowry chronicles with dozens of examples in history how Nationalism has been a natural, positive policy.  That has generally been the American experience, which, was not always the case elsewhere, such as in some European countries.  Nationalism does not automatically equate to Fascism, despite what they say on CNN or MSNBC.  Lowry even gives examples of Nationalism practiced by Woodrow Wilson and FDR.  Two presidents often associated more closely with Internationalists and Globalists.  

Nationalism also impacts our culture.  Many ideas promoted by Progressives and Liberals divide us as a people, as a nation.  Just as Globalism and Socialism are forms of economic suicide, Multiculturalism is yet another form of national suicide, causing inequality and strife.  America was once known as 'The Great Melting Pot'.  Immigrants from every corner of the world came here to be part of America.  Today, immigrants come here not to be assimilated, but to break off their own piece of the American pie.  They want to isolate themselves from the rest of the country.  This causes disharmony and contributes more ill will.

Rich Lowry gives an honest perspective on the true nature of Nationalism.  So, if you are curious about the subject, or want a handy guide to assist you in arguing against the falsehoods spread by The Media and Academe, go buy a copy of "The Case For Nationalism".  One more point I would like to make.  I appreciate the 'mechanics' of the book.  The font and type size makes for easy reading with little eye strain.  Sad to say that many other books ignore such details.  Whether you like President Trump or not, agree with his policies or oppose them, you should not make the typical mistake of equating Nationalism with Fascism.  Nor the unjust and inaccurate position that Nationalism is rascist.  Rich Lowry dismisses these myths in a clear and historical fashion.  Well done!


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