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Book Review - The MAGA Doctrine

Is Charlie Kirk right?  Is "The MAGA Doctrine" "The Only Ideas That Will Win The Future"?  That is the premise of Kirk's new book, published by Broadside Books, an imprint of Harper Collins Publishing.  As the founder of Turning Point USA, Kirk has embraced President Donald Trump and his MAGA doctrine.  While both Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton used the phrase, "Make America Great Again" in speeches, Trump made MAGA his campaign slogan, then theme, and now, after being elected, a national doctrine.  The concept of MAGA has gone well beyond earlier populist protest movements, like the Tea Party movement.  Trump's MAGA movement is clearly blue-collar, small business oriented, based on restoring tried and true American values from small government, pro-growth, pro family, pro church, pro freedom and pro-individual.


Charlie Kirk details and lists the elements of 'The MAGA Doctrine'.  Most of which are accomplishments by Trump during his first term in office.  We have to keep in mind just how fast President Trump implemented his doctrine.  Just in the first 11 months, an estimated 63% of Trump's campaign promises were fulfilled.  Now, here we are some 38 months later, and some of the bigger promises have been acted upon.  Keep in mind that all of this took place while President Trump was hamstrung with investigations, a hostile Congress, and a venomous news media.  One can only imagine what might of have been achieved in a fairer world.

The MAGA Doctrine is, at its root level, an America First doctrine.  One where our political leadership does what is best for the average American, not for world markets nor global stability.  For decades, the Washington Establishment has acted to put America second, or worse, when making decisions on our economy, our society and our culture.  They were giving the store away to appease our competitors and our enemies.  The end result of these policies were a declining middle class, a declining manufacturing base, and a society being forced to accept less and less.  A nation where expectations are tamped down, ending the notion of the American Dream.

Obama promised a transformation of America, and failed.  Trump has delivered, though a whole different sort of transformation.  While he is constantly criticized by The Media and political opponents, Trump is a results driven person, who keeps pushing onward regardless of the resistance.  Charlie Kirk gives an account of Trump's progress in ushering in The MAGA Doctrine. His new book provides a guide to understand what Trump is doing and why.  Perhaps equally important, Kirk shows that Trump is educating the rest of the Grand Old Party how to win in the 21st Century.  How to make inroads with blue collar workers and minority groups once loyal to Democrats.  

While not covered in the book, the latest challenge of America's response to the Coronavirus outbreak proves that The MAGA Doctrine of Trump's is the correct path to follow.  The Globalism of The Establishment has left us in a vulnerable position.  Since 2004, 100% of the penicillin used in the USA comes from China.  Indeed, a long list of drugs and medical products needed now come from China.  During his 2016 campaign, Trump promoted his vision of America being more self reliant and independent when it comes to strategic needs such as energy and steel.  Now, we see that we need to expand the list to include medication and medical products, too.

These are notions which are easy to understand.  Such common sense approaches require little selling.  Unlike the lofty ambitions of the Far Left.  Globalism and Socialism may sound wonderful, at first, but once you dig into the details, we find holes and gaps which can never be explained.  The MAGA Doctrine is simpler but still relatively unknown due to the prejudices of The Media and Academe.  The key for Trump's reelection is to demonstrate what The MAGA Doctrine is and why it is the better way to go.

The new book, "The MAGA Doctrine" by Charlie Kirk, goes a long way to accomplish this.  Well written with an eye-friendly font type and size, this is a must-read for all Trump fans.  It also serves as an excellent primer to inform and educate the non-Trump-fan into understanding who and what Trump is really all about.  Published by Broadside Books of Harper Collins, "The MAGA Doctrine" should be high on everyone's reading list.  And gift lists, too!  If you desire to convert an independent voter, this book will help immencely.  But, when it comes to the outright haters, I doubt if anything can convert them.  Short of an emmanization of the eschaton.

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