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Rudy Giuliani Calls Out Robert Mueller

During an exclusive interview with Sean Hannity, America′s Mayor, Rudy Giuliani, called out Robert Mueller. This may not be High Noon in Tombstone, but Rudy threw down the gauntlet. In short, he demands that Mueller consider the possibility that James Comey is a liar! Now, the rest of the Fake News Media were all a-gaa-gaa over Rudy′s statement that President Trump repaid Michael Cohen the $130,000 paid to Stormy Daniels for her silence. Therefore, Cohen is not guilty of any election donation violation. The Media is running with this as proof that President Trump knew about the payment. But, Rudy was asked about that by Hannity and told Sean that Trump knew few details at the time of the payment. Rudy offered that Trump is a busy guy, and that lawyers like Cohen and Rudy do stuff for their clients all the times without their knowledge.



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CNN Hijacked My Computer

This morning I was going through my usual machinations on the Internet. After first managing the activities of the Xontar Empire, of which I am the Emperor of on Astro Empires, I wandered over to Drudge Report. I was wondering what news stories looked good for me to blog about. I came across an item about how some are considering changes to the White House Correspondents Association dinner. I clicked on the link, which took me to the CNN website. I should have known at that moment that I was in for a bumpy ride!



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