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New Uranium One Indictments

On Monday, the Department of Justice announced that a federal grand jury has issued an 11-count indictment against Mark Lambert, co-founder of Transportation Logistics, Inc. The indictments are connected to the Uranium One deal and involve bribery, fraud and money laundering. TLI′s other co-founder,…

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Democrats Play Politics With DACA

President Donald Trump doesn′t believe that the elected politicians of the Democratic Party are being honest about wanting to pass a DACA bill. That they are playing politics for their own political gain. President Trump believes that a DACA bill could be passed this week as he is prepared to make some compromises in order to get funding for The Wall and fix other immigration issues. He also wants to tackle other legislation, such as a budget bill. The current ′continuing spending′ bill expires on Friday, threatening a government shutdown and halting payment to our military.



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Hawaii False Missile Alert

CNN and MSNBC briefly interrupted their non-stop, anti-Trump bilge on Saturday when some actual news happened! The state government of Hawaii issued a false missile alert. Around 8:05am Hawaii-Time, a routine drill took place after a shift change at the state′s emergency management center. At 8:07am, somebody accidentally pushed a button, twice, sending an inbound missile alert to the island′s 1.3 million residents and thousands of tourists. Within a few minutes, officials began the process of reporting that it was a false alarm. However, it took some 38 minutes before the correction was issued everywhere.



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Dick Durbin May Think Block-Chains Are Racist

On Friday, Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) stated that the term ′chain migration′ is racist, as it conjures up images of slaves in chains. He, along with the rest of the Far Left, politically correct loons, prefer the phrase ′family reunification′ in describing allowing family members to immigrate into America after one member resides here. This begs the question what other terms using ′chain′ might Dick Durbin also think are racist? Chain smoking? Chain lightning? How about the crypto-currency phrase, ′blockchain′? Does it conjure up images of an auction block with slaves in chains being sold?



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Trump Speaks Truth To Reality

Social Justice Whiners claim they speak, ″truth to power″, but actually they just lie. President Donald Trump is ′Old School′, he speaks ′Truth To Reality′. During a meeting at the White House yesterday, it has been reported that President Trump may have said something offensive. The alleged story is that there was a meeting with a ′gang of 6′ Senators offering a plan for the DACA issue. The proposed plan actually expands DACA, visa lottery and chain migration programs, rather than shrinking or eliminating them. Needless to say, President Trump rejected the plan. He then allegedly, perhaps out of frustration with the senators, said, ″Why do we admit people from shithole countries?″ He allegedly suggested that maybe Norway or other nations might be better. Needless to say, once the Fake News Media caught wind of this, the TV hosts and commentators got their panties in a bunch!



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FBI Used Dirty Dossier For FISA Warrant investigative reporter Sara Carter claims that she now has at least 3 sources whom confirm that the Fusion GPS dirty dossier was the basis for the FBI and DOJ to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on the Trump campaign. That it opened the door to a counter-intelligence investigation which probably included other government agencies, such as the CIA and NSA. The investigation continued right through the latter weeks of the 2016 election and into the transition team period after. The FISA warrant allowed members of the Trump team to be under surveillance, including by electronic means, such as wiretapping.



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Schools Ban Best Friends

There is now a growing trend in schools across America, Canada, the UK and Europe to ban best friends. According to psychologist Dr. Barbara Greenberg in an article in US News & World Report, this is a good thing! She claims that the practice of having best friends is ″dreadfully exclusionary″. Greenberg, a practicing child and family psychologist, believes that children need to have broad social circles and not become dependent on ″obsessive friendships″. However, a study by the University of Virginia runs counter to this. Those with long-term, childhood best friendships result in becoming adults with more self esteem and greater emotional stability than those without such friendships. Should our school systems be banning best friends?



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Trump DACA Meeting

President Donald J. Trump held a meeting at the White House yesterday. He invited 22 Republican and Democratic Party lawmakers from both the House and the Senate to discuss DACA. The so-called ′Dream Act′. The primary issue is what to do about the some 800,000 illegal immigrants whom Barack Obama excluded from deportation by executive order. While many will have you believe that they are all children brought into America by their parents, many are adults. About 900, roughly 0.11%, have joined the U.S. military. Many are employed, including some 20,000 in education. The meeting began as usual with the ′Press Spray′, where reporters, photographers and video cameramen spend a few minutes taking snapshots, etc. However, a remarkable thing happened. President Trump allowed the news media to remain in the room for about 55 minutes, witnessing much of the discussion!



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CNN Jake Tapper Unfit For Journalism

The interview was absolutely shameless! CNN host Jake Tapper had invited Stephen Miller on ″State of the Union″ Sunday under false pretenses. Miller, a White House staff member, had been invited by the show′s producers to talk about the accomplishments of President Donald Trump. Specifically the tax cut bill and pending legislation to come. Instead, Jake Tapper intended to trick Miller and ambush him with questions raised from ″Fire and Fury″, a book of gossip and lies by Michael Wolff. When Miller wouldn′t take the bait, Tapper became angry and arrogant. When Miller counter-punched about the non-stop, anti-Trump bias on CNN, Tapper lost all control and abruptly ended the segment.



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Dirty Dossier, Dirty Tricks

While there is no evidence of any collusion between the Trump campaign with the Russian government, there is a growing mountain of proof of plenty between the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Russians. Fusion GPS appears to be the nexus point. Not only did they hire Christopher Steele, the former MI6 agent who compiled the ′dirty dossier′ and now faces possible criminal charges of lying to the FBI, but Fusion GPS was also working for the Russians on reversing the Maginsky Act. In fact, Fusion GPS had met with the Russian lawyer both before and after her meeting with Donald Trump Jr in June of 2016. This begs the question if that meeting at Trump Tower had been a set up by Fusion GPS in order to play a political dirty trick?



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Dow 25,000, A Bomb Cyclone Of Cheer

The Dow Jones Industrial Average ended yesterday at well over 25,000 for the first time ever! Yes, another record high! This was the fastest 1,000 point increase in the history of the NYSE. The NASDAQ, S&P 500, 200, plus the Russel 1,000 and 2,000 also all set new record highs on Thursday. An explosive cyclogenesis of awesome economic news! We also had some bombogenesis of political news yesterday. The DOJ is reopening the Hillary Clinton email probe and the FBI is renewing its probe into the Clinton Foundation. On top of those items, the Congress and DOJ came to terms and the Justice Department will soon be releasing all documents on the Christopher Steele dossier, along with letting Congress interview several FBI agents involved. The Congress also got a favorable court ruling which will force Fusion GPS to cough up their bank records, revealing the flow of cash in how the dossier was acquired.



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Forget Steve Bannon, Stock Markets Hit New Record Highs

Steve Bannon who? While the Fake News Media was focused on trivial matters yesterday, all 5 major US stock indexes hit new, record highs. On top of that, the VIX, the Volatility Index, hit an all time low. In short, it means that there is little to no fear of any economic trouble ahead. If the Dow Jones busts through the 25,000 mark today, which is extremely possible, it will set a another record high, as well as break all records for the time it took to gain 1,000 points. Steve Bannon had nothing to do with this, it was all President Donald J. Trump!



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Deadline - Congress vs FBI, DOJ

Today is the deadline for the FBI and the Department of Justice, DOJ, to provide Congress with a batch of Trump-Russia probe documents. Many of these were originally issued subpoenas for back last summer. In particular, Rep. David Nunes, Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, wants documents related to the infamous dossier composed by former MI6 agent, Christopher Steele. Many suspect that this dossier, provided by Fusion GPS and paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign and DNC, may have been used by the FBI and DOJ to obtain a FISA court warrant to spy on the Trump campaign. If so, there will be a lot of explaining to do!



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Huma Abedin Email Problems

Hillary Clinton′s #1 ′gal-pal′, Huma Abedin, may be finding herself in some legal hot water. Last Friday, the Department of State released some 2,800 Huma Abedin emails from her laptop. The one which her child-stalking husband, Anthony Weiner, had access to. At least 5 of those emails were marked classified and many had sections, if not the whole email, redacted by the State Department. The Daily Caller published a story that many of these emails from both Abedin′s State Department email address, as well as from her account on Hillary Clinton′s private email server, had been forwarded to Abedin′s Yahoo! Email account. Once again, we are looking at major violations of the Espionage Act in regards to the mishandling of classified material.



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Iranian Protests Death Toll Rises

Iran′s state controlled TV is reporting that at least another 11 people were killed overnight. This brings the death toll in the Iranian protests to at least 13, with some saying the number is 21 or more. For the sixth day, some 500,000 Iranian citizens took to the streets across some 40 cities. They are protesting against the corrupt regime which has mismanaged the economy and oppressed millions. The price of basic commodities and food have sky-rocketed as unemployment and inflation increase. Many women are now using these protests to focus attention on their plight under the harsh theocracy.



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Happy New Year, Psychic Predictions For 2018

Happy New Year, 2018! Since 2011 when I was writing at RightPundits, I started a tradition of beginning each year with psychic predictions. However, this past year was a busy one for me, especially the last couple of weeks. So, I plain forgot to contact the trio of psychics who would provide me with their readings. But fear not! One of them used his clairvoyant powers and knew that I would forget! Zarnack The Great, Master of the Tarot, came through with his psychic predictions for 2018. Emerging from the secret meditation room deep inside his private Pyramid of Enlightenment, Zarnack will reveal all for what he believes we are in store for this coming year. Buckle up your seat belts, we may be in for a bumpy ride!



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