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Blog posts September 2017

Trump Cuts Deal With Democrats

President Donald Trump cut a deal with Democrats on raising the Debt Ceiling. The measure was tacked on to the legislation to provide some $15 Billion dollars for disaster relief for Hurricane Harvey victims. FEMA will also spend some of this cash on the ongoing preparations for Hurricane Irma. The bill will raise the Debt Ceiling through till December to keep the country solvent. By doing this, President Trump has cleared the deck, allowing Congress to focus on the Federal Budget, due by October 1st, and on tax cuts with reforms. September is going to be a short month for Congress, with just a few working days available to do something.



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Run Away - Florida Braces For Hurricane Irma

I almost want to shout, ″Run away! Run away!″, like in the movie, ″Monty Python and the Holy Grail″. Florida is getting ready for Hurricane Irma. The most powerful storm in modern history. After smashing its way through the Leeward Islands and others, Irma is now bearing down on the Sunshine State. Currently, Hurricane Irma is a Category 4 storm, with sustained winds of about 150MPH and gusts near 190MPH. Yesterday, she had sustained winds of 185MPH with gusts around 225MPH. But don′t let the Category 4 rating fool you. The minimum for Category 5 is sustained winds of 157MPH, so she′s not that far off and is expected to strengthen again.



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Hillary Clinton Blames Bernie Again

New excerpts from her up-coming book have been released have Hillary Clinton blaming Bernie Sanders more. Seems that she doesn′t think that the Democratic Party can handle more than one primary candidate at a time. They should have just anointed her and saved themselves all of the fuss with people having to vote. My guess is that Hillary probably feels the same way about the general election. After all, she deserved to be president simply for putting up with 8 years of Bill Clinton, then another 8 years of Barack Obama in the White House. Instead of an election, Hillary Clinton thinks she should have had a coronation.



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Trump On DACA, Gives Congress 6 Months

President Donald Trump has made a decision on DACA, the so-called immigration ′Dream Act′. Attorney General Jeff Sessions made the announcement yesterday that the DACA program will be wound down over the next 6 months. Those illegal immigrants whose permits expire before the end of October will still be renewed, but by March, no new permits will be granted. The decision gives Congress 6 months to act on DACA.



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Hurricane Irma 2017 Makes Landfall

Hurricane Irma, the strongest storm so far in 2017, made landfall earlier this morning. The Category 5 super-storm has pounded the Caribbean Islands of Anguilla, St. Martin, Barbuda and others. Many more are under a hurricane warning such as the U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, etc. Irma is packing sustained winds of 185MPH and is moving West-Northwest at about 16MPH. On the island of Barbuda, the NOAA weather station recorded sustained winds of 118MPH with gusts up to 155MPH. Hurricane Irma is a massive storm with substantial winds extending some 175 miles out from its center eye. Some islands will get 10 to 20 inches of rain as it passes over with storm surges from 7 to 11 feet.



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Texas Open Carry Law 2017 For Long Blades

You gotta love Texas! Last Friday, the new Texas open carry law for 2017 went into effect. Citizens of the Lone Star State may now carry blades and other edged weapons larger than 5.5 inches in length. So break out the Bowie knives and katanas! Just think, you may see free men and women carrying machetes, sabers and spears. Oh yes, spears, too! Fans of the hit, History Channel series, ″Forged In Fire″ will know what I′m talking about. ″The sword may be the prince of the battlefield, but the spear is KING!″



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North Korea Tests H-Bomb

North Korea conducted its 6th nuclear weapon test Sunday and claims that it was a thermonuclear weapon or H-Bomb. They claimed an H-Bomb test last time they denoted a device back on September 9, 2016. However, from the 5.1 seismic reading and the device being estimated to be around 10 kilotons in 2016, it seems unlikely. That weapon was probably a fission weapon, similar to those used in WW2. In fact, at 10 kilotons, it was actually a smaller blast. But this time, the seismic reading was 6.3 magnitude, indicating a blast of some 120 kilotons. Furthermore, a second seismic event of about 4.6 right after probably indicates that the cavern the weapon was tested in collapsed.



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Trump In Texas, Louisiana

On Saturday, President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump visited both Texas and Louisiana. They made multiple stops in Houston, Lake Charles and other locations ravaged by Hurricane Harvey. The President and First Lady met with First Responders and volunteer rescue teams, like the Cajun Navy, and with victims of the devastating storm. They toured relief centers and even lent a hand in helping pass out food and supplies to refugees still forced out of their homes by floods.



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Trump Slams Comey For Phony Hillary Email Probe

Was the FBI probe into Hillary Clinton′s use of a private email server rigged from the start? New information appears to point towards it being rigged. President Donald Trump slammed James Comey on Twitter yesterday over the new reports. According to sources within the offices of Senators Charles Grassley and Lindsey Graham, it would seem so. Investigators from the Senate Intelligence Committee have been questioning current and former FBI officials. Some say that in mid-May of 2016, FBI Director James Comey was circulating an email with a draft memo exonerating Hillary Clinton from any criminal charges. Some officials told investigators that a draft was being circulated even earlier in April of 2016. Months before some 17 key witnesses and staff members, including Hillary Clinton, herself, were questioned by the FBI.



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CBS 'Salvation' Depicts Hillary As President

One ′summer-filler′ TV series I have been watching is ″Salvation″ on CBS. The plot is about how a group of government officials and a tech billionaire respond to the threat of a large asteroid headed for Earth. I bring this up for several reasons. First, there is an actual, 3-mile-wide asteroid which will pass Earth by some 4.4 million miles today. A ′close shave′ in astronomical terms. Secondly, this week′s episode featured actress Tovah Fledshuh portraying the President of the United States. She resembles Hillary Clinton and suffers from a head or mental illness. In fact, the POTUS character dies after passing out right in the middle of an address to the nation.



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