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Blog posts November 2017

PBS Frontline Putin's Revenge, Biased, Shoddy Whitewash

Last night, PBS aired Part 2 of it′s alleged, ′journalistic′ documentary, ″Putin′s Revenge″. For the past two weeks, the Public Broadcasting System has been attempting to build the case justifying the Russia meddling probe into the 2016 elections. One would have hoped for the producers to provide a truly objective examination, giving all sides of the story. However, they instead only gave one side, the pro-Hillary, pro-Obama, Russia-stole-the-election side.



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New York Truck Terror Attack

New York City suffered a truck terror attack yesterday after Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov, 29, plowed a rented Home Depot truck into bicycle riders and pedestrians. Eight were killed and 15 injured around 3:05pm on West Street and Houston Street in Lower Manhattan, not far from One World Trade Center. Six of those killed were foreigners, 5 tourists from Argentina and one Belgian national. Sayfullo Saipov then crashed into a school bus carrying ′special needs′ students. Two adults and two children were victims. Sayfullo then exited the rented pick-up truck and walked, brandishing two pistols, one pellet and one panitball gun, and shouted ″Allahu Akbar!″ A NYPD officer on duty in the area, Ryan Nash, 28, engaged the terrorist with his service pistol. The 5-year police veteran wounded Saipov in a leg and abdomen, then placed him in custody, ending his killing spree.



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