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Dan Spilo Removed From Survivor

Dan Spilo, a contestant on season 39 of CBS "Survivor:  Island of the Idols" was removed from the game.  Back on the November 13 double episode, Dan was accused by Kellee Kim and two other female contestants of sexual harassment.  Mainly of being a tad too touchy-feely, especially at night when players slept closely in their make shift shelter.  In other words, "inappropriate behavior".  After Kim complained to the show's producers, all contestants were warned about such behavior.  Producers then privately warned Dan, according to some reports, being told that he was, "on thin ice".  Kim attempted to orchestrate Dan being booted at the next tribal council.  But, the tribe spoke and blindsided Kim instead.  This caused quite the outcry on social media!

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Horowitz Testifies On FISA Abuse

Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee today.  On Monday, he released his report on how the FBI abused the FISA warrant process to spy on the 2016 Trump campaign.  There was much ado in The Media about his conclusion that there was no political bias in what became known as Operation Crossfire Hurricane.  But, despite the Fake News Media claims, and those made recently by former FBI Director James Comey that the Horowitz report vindicates and clears the FBI of bias, they missed a crucial point.  Horowitz only exonerated the initial beginning of Crossfire Hurricane of political bias.  Specifically the actions by then Assistant Director of Counter-Intelligence, E.W. 'Bill' Priestap.  During today's testimony, Horowitz did state that as the FBI operation moved forward, the bias issue becomes much "murkier", especially during the time of the application for a FISA warrant to surveil Trump campaign volunteer, Carter Page.  Horowitz also noted that while his review of documents, including text messages and emails of FBI agents, lawyers and officials, some employees did have a pro-Trump bias.  But, none of these pro-Trump employees were active members of the Crossfire Hurricane team.  Many of that team demonstrated a very definite pollical bias against then Candidate Donald J. Trump.

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FISA Report vs Impeachment

The clock ran out for House Democrats Monday.  The FISA abuse report from DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz was made public. Early news stories attempted to downplay its significance.  While Horowitz does fall short of charging that political bias played a major role, a point which Attorney General William Barr and Federal Prosecutor John Durham disagree with, there is still plenty to raise eyebrows.  For example, Horowitz confirms that while the FBI did not plant their own agents as spies inside the Trump campaign, the FBI certainly did use informants to spy on Trump aides and the campaign.  As for the FISA warrant to spy on Carter Page, Horowitz lists 17 omissions and errors in the warrant request.  Horowitz also confirms that the primary basis for requesting the warrant was the 'dirty dossier' from Christopher Steele.  According to Horowitz, that document was completely discredited by January, 2017.  Yet, the FISA warrant continued to be renewed, as James Comey and others failed to inform the FISA court judges that the Steele document was inaccurate and funded by the Hillary Clinton campaign.

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November Jobs Report 2019

The jobs report for November, 2019, came out yesterday, showing more growth for the Trump economy.  Some 266,000 new jobs were added last month, much higher than the expected 180,000.  The national unemployment average fell from 3.6% to 3.5%, the lowest numbers in 50 years.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics jobs report also showed that wages have increased about 3.1% in the past year, to an average hourly rate of $28.29 per hour.  The previous jobs reports from September and October were increased 40,000 jobs now that the GM strike is concluded.  Just about every sector of the economy is showing growth.  No wonder House Democrats are trying to impeach President Donald J. Trump, since his strong economic policies are making America great again!

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Joe Biden Angry In Iowa

Joe Biden lost his cool in Iowa.  During a town hall event, Biden got angry at an Iowa voter, calling him a, "damn liar".  The man in question had asked Joe about his son Hunter Biden getting a cushy job in Ukraine.  Joe not only verbally attacked the man for repeating this truth, but even called the voter fat!  He then challenged the voter to a push-up contest.  Biden has been getting weird now that he is back in the public light.  Joe lost his cool recently when a reporter asked the Democrat presidential candidate about Hunter's paternity lawsuit in Arkansas.  Some old video has popped up where Joe Biden talks lovingly about how the hairs on his legs turn blonde thanks to the Sun.  He went on to say how wonderful it was when young children would stroke his Sun-bleached leg hair and how much he likes young children jumping on his lap.  EWWW!

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Congressional Abuse Of Power

Nancy Pelosi has declared that there will be an impeachment vote against President Donald Trump.  House Democrats seem to be focusing on abuse of power charges after yesterday's hearings in the House Judiciary Committee.  While all four legal experts were Democrats, three have a history of wanting Trump impeached long before any phone calls to Ukraine.  The fourth expert, Jonathan Turley, was the only witness who displayed any rational thinking.  He warned that what House Democrats are doing, proceeding with no fact-based witnesses or physical evidence at break-neck speed, Congress would be the ones abusing their power.  A big sign of this is Adam Schiff using his subpoena power to obtain the phone records of journalist John Soloman and Rep. Devin Nunes.  Something Senator Rand Paul intends to question Schiff about once the impeachment circus rolls inside the Senate.

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Sham Impeachment Hearings, Round 2

Round 2 of the sham impeachment hearings begin today.  The scene shifts to the House Judiciary Committee under Rep. Jerry Nadler.  At 10am Eastern, the circus begins with testimony from 4 legal experts.  All 4 are Democrats.  Three of them have already publicly stated that they believe President Trump has committed impeachable offenses.  The only expert allowed to be selected by Republicands, Jonathan Turley, has stated otherwise.  Yesterday, the lying maniac, Adam Schiff, released his majority report from the hearings held by the so-called House Intelligence Committee.  Later, in a closed door session, they voted along party lines to forward the impeachment process to Nadler's hands.  Meanwhile, it is becoming clearer that plans to have a final House vote before the Christmas holiday break are fading fast.  This practically guarantees that the Senate will take up the matter just as the presidential primary season begins.  Half of the top 4 Democrats running are senators, putting Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren in a position where they may miss campaigning at a crucial phase.

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Book Review, Mary Ball Washington By Craig Shirley

George Washington may be called a 'Founding Father' of the United States of America, but is his mother, Mary Ball Washington a 'Founding Mother'?  The answer is complex and fascinating when you read the new book by presidential historian, Craig Shirley.  Entitled "Mary Ball Washington, The Untold Story Of George Washington's Mother", published by Harper, an imprint of Harper Collins, goes on sale today.  If you are a history buff, as I am, this is a 'must-read' book!  Mary Ball was the second wife of George's father, Augustine Washington, and could be described as America's first 'Tiger' or 'Helicopter Mom'.  She was a forceful, domineering influence on young George.  Oddly enough, she was a staunch Loyalist to the British Royal family, as well as to the whole astristocratic system.  Even after her son defeated the British at Yorktown, she remained loyal to The Crown.  Poor George!

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Forged In Fire Bladesgiving Marathon 2019

Happy Thanksgiving!  That time of the year again for families to get together.  But, rather than watch another dismal Lions football game, try the History Channel.  Wednesday night marks the beginning of the Forged In Fire Bladesgiving marathon for 2019.  At 9pm Eastern, we even get a brand new episode, where two families are pitted against each other.  Both families will field two bladesmiths, whom may wind up competing against themselves in the final phase.  Meanwhile, from 7pm Eastern Wednesday through all-day and night Thursday, the History Channel will air "Forged In Fire" for our viewing pleasure.  In between segments, we will get a fair amount of Tom-foolery as the show's judges butcher turkeys, pumpkins and other delights with knives, swords and axes.  The action may take you to the 'edge' of your seat!

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Dresden Billion Dollar Green Vault Jewel Heist

Early Monday morning, thieves committed what may be the biggest jewel heist in history.  The Dresden Green Vault, inside the Dresden Royal Palace museum, was broken into around 5am, local time,  Security cameras show at least two thieves, armed with axes, smashing display cases and grabbing some 90 artifacts.  The collection of jewels, and jewel encrusted gold and silver objects, was started by the old ruler of Saxony, August the Strong, back in 1723.  While thieves grabbed some of the world's rarest and most valuable treasures, part of the Green Vault collection was on loan to other museums.  Most famous of these is the 41-carat Dresden Green Diamond, pictured below, which originally came from India.  It is on loan to the Metropolitan Museum in New York City, along with some other Green Vault items.  The Green Diamond is considered to be one of the top gemstones in the world.

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